Module NameDownload
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Introduction using Basic Visibility ProblemsFAQs of Module1Introduction using basic visibility problems113 kb
The Plane Sweep Technique and applicationsFAQs of Module3The plane sweep technique and applications111 kb
Convex Hull Different Paradigms and QuickhullFAQs of Module4Convex hull different paradigms and quickhull133 kb
Dual Transformation and ApplicationsFAQs of Module5Dual transformation and applications43 kb
Lower Bounds on Algebraic tree modelFAQs of Module6Lower bounds on algebraic tree model82 kb
Point Location and TriangulationFAQs of Module7Point location and triangulation66 kb
Voronoi Diagram and Delaunay TriangulationFAQs of Module8Voronoi diagram and delaunay triangulation129 kb
Randomized Incremental Construction and Random SamplingFAQs of Module9Randomized incremental construction and random sampling64 kb
Arrangements and LevelsFAQs of Module10Arrangements and levels88 kb
Range SearchingFAQs of Module11Range searching91 kb
Clustering Point Sets using Quadtrees and ApplicationsFAQs of Module12Clustering point sets using quadtrees and applications101 kb
Epsilon-Nets VC Dimension and ApplicationsFAQs of Module13E-nets VC dimension and applications115 kb

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