Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionSoil Moisture Content Experiment24 kb
IntroductionSoil Specific GravityExperiment24 kb
IntroductionSoil Particle Size Distribution (Sieve Analysis) Experiment25 kb
IntroductionSoil Particle Size Distribution (Hydrometer Analysis)Experiment28 kb
IntroductionSoil Atterberg Limits Experiment27 kb
IntroductionSoil PermeabilityExperiment26 kb
IntroductionSoil CompactionExperiment26 kb
IntroductionSoil In-Situ DensityExperiment27 kb
IntroductionSoil Direct Shear Test Experiment26 kb
IntroductionSoil Unconfined Compressive StrengthExperiment25 kb
IntroductionSoil Triaxial Compression Experiment25 kb
IntroductionSoil Consolidation Experiment28 kb
IntroductionReferencesExperiment18 kb
Phase Relation of soilsWorked Examples-Phase Relation of soilsWorked Examples27 kb
Soil ClassificationWorked Examples-Soil ClassificationWorked Examples23 kb
Stresses in the Ground Worked Examples-Stresses in the Ground Worked Examples32 kb
Permeability of SoilsWorked Examples-Permeability of SoilsWorked Examples32 kb
Compression and ConsolidationWorked Examples-Compression and ConsolidationWorked Examples25 kb
Shear Strength of SoilsWorked Examples-Shear Strength of SoilsWorked Examples30 kb
Module NameDownload

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