Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionLec01Lec01864 kb
Vibration TheoryLec14Lec14588 kb
Vibration TheoryLec13Lec131066 kb
Vibration TheoryLec12Lec121032 kb
Vibration TheoryLec11Lec111122 kb
Vibration TheoryLec10Lec10403 kb
Vibration TheoryLec09Lec09650 kb
Vibration TheoryLec08Lec08890 kb
Vibration TheoryLec07Lec07459 kb
Vibration TheoryLec06Lec06560 kb
Vibration TheoryLec05Lec05491 kb
Vibration TheoryLec04Lec04392 kb
Vibration TheoryLec03Lec03795 kb
Vibration TheoryLec02Lec02428 kb
Wave PropagationLec17Lec172584 kb
Wave PropagationLec16Lec161820 kb
Wave PropagationLec15Lec151401 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec24Lec242240 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec23Lec232491 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec22Lec221433 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec21Lec211599 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec20Lec201413 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec19Lec192287 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLec18Lec18667 kb
Machine FoundationsLec25Lec251802 kb
Machine FoundationsLec26Lec26828 kb
Machine FoundationsLec27Lec271028 kb
Machine FoundationsLec28Lec28474 kb
Machine FoundationsLec29Lec29370 kb
Machine FoundationsLec30Lec30895 kb
Machine FoundationsLec31Lec311516 kb
Machine FoundationsLec32Lec32470 kb
Machine FoundationsLec33Lec33470 kb
Soil Improvement TechniquesLec34Lec344006 kb
Soil Improvement TechniquesLec35Lec355500 kb
Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionLec36Lec361665 kb
Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionLec37Lec371211 kb
Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionLec38Lec38442 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Vibration TheoryLecture 13Lecture 13140 kb
Vibration TheoryLecture 11Lecture 1131 kb
Vibration TheoryLecture 10Lecture 1063 kb
Vibration TheoryLecture 8Lecture 887 kb
Vibration TheoryLecture 4Lecture 4102 kb
Wave PropagationLecture 17Lecture 1768 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLecture 18Lecture 18112 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLecture 19Lecture 1978 kb
Dynamic Soil PropertiesLecture 22Lecture 2236 kb
Machine FoundationsLecture 32-33Lecture 32-3351 kb
Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionLecture 36Lecture 36148 kb
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