Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Week 1Week 1:Assignment questionWeek 1:Assignment question142 kb
Week 1Week 1:Assignment solutionWeek 1:Assignment solution133 kb
Week 2Week 2:Assignment questionWeek 2:Assignment question10 kb
Week 2Week 2:Assignment solutionWeek 2:Assignment solution72 kb
Week 3Week 3:Assignment questionWeek 3:Assignment question173 kb
Week 3Week 3:Assignment solutionWeek 3:Assignment solution110 kb
Week 4Week 4:Assignment questionWeek 4:Assignment question130 kb
Week 4Week 4:Assignment solutionWeek 4:Assignment solution80 kb
Week 5Week 5:Assignment questionWeek 5:Assignment question138 kb
Week 5Week 5:Assignment solutionWeek 5:Assignment solution71 kb
Week 6Week 6:Assignment questionWeek 6:Assignment question137 kb
Week 6Week 6:Assignment solutionWeek 6:Assignment solution66 kb
Week 7Week 7: Assignment questionWeek 7: Assignment question27 kb
Week 7Week 7:Assignment solutionWeek 7:Assignment solution76 kb
Week 8Week 8:Assignment questionWeek 8:Assignment question265 kb
Week 8Week 8:Assignment solutionWeek 8:Assignment solution106 kb
Week 9Week 9:Assignment questionWeek 9:Assignment question154 kb
Week 9Week 9:Assignment solutionWeek 9:Assignment solution154 kb
Week 10Week 10:Assignment questionWeek 10:Assignment question259 kb
Week 10Week 10:Assignment solutionWeek 10:Assignment solution135 kb
Week 11Week 11:Assignment questionWeek 11:Assignment question117 kb
Week 11Week 11:Assignment solutionWeek 11:Assignment solution116 kb
Week 12Week 12:Assignment questionWeek 12:Assignment question139 kb
Week 12Week 12:Assignment solutionWeek 12:Assignment solution121 kb

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