Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Module 1CT1_IntroCT1_Intro138 kb
Module 2CT2_ErrorAnalCT2_ErrorAnal117 kb
Module 3CT3_LinSysCT3_LinSys150 kb
Module 4CT4_AlgebraicEqCT4_AlgebraicEq183 kb
Module 5CT5_RegressCT5_Regress199 kb
Module 6CT6_DifferIntegCT6_DifferInteg313 kb
Module 7CT7_ODE-IVPCT7_ODE-IVP267 kb
Module 8CT8_ODE-BVPCT8_ODE-BVP129 kb
Module 9CT9_PDECT9_PDE131 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Module 1Assignment -01Computational Techniques Assignment - 013486 kb
Module 1Assignment - 02 Assignment-024 kb
Module 1Assignment - 02 Assignment - 02 Solutions3 kb
Module 1Assignment - 01 solutionsComputational Techniques Solutions363 kb
Module 2CT2_ErrorAnalCT2_ErrorAnal28 kb
Module 3CT3_LinSysCT3_LinSys59 kb
Module 4CT4_AlgebraicEqCT4_AlgebraicEq57 kb
Module 5CT5_RegressCT5_Regress86 kb
Module 6CT6_DifferIntegCT6_DifferInteg114 kb
Module 7CT7_ODE-IVPCT7_ODE-IVP73 kb
Module 8CT8_ODE-BVPCT8_ODE-BVP43 kb
Module 9CT9_PDECT9_PDE37 kb
Module NameDownload
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Module 1CT1_IntroCT1_Intro11 kb
Module 2CT2_ErrorAnalCT2_ErrorAnal16 kb
Module 2CT2_ErrorAnalCT2_ErrorAnal22 kb
Module 3CT3_LinSysCT3_LinSys13 kb
Module 3CT3_LinSysCT3_LinSys21 kb
Module 4CT4_AlgebraicEqCT4_AlgebraicEq21 kb
Module 4CT4_AlgebraicEqCT4_AlgebraicEq23 kb
Module 5CT5_RegressCT5_Regress24 kb
Module 5CT5_RegressCT5_Regress24 kb
Module 5CT5_RegressCT5_Regress25 kb
Module 5CT5_RegressCT5_Regress25 kb
Module 6CT6_DifferIntegCT6_DifferInteg18 kb
Module 6CT6_DifferIntegCT6_DifferInteg34 kb
Module 7CT7_ODE-IVPCT7_ODE-IVP94 kb
Module 7CT7_ODE-IVPCT7_ODE-IVP23 kb
Module 8CT8_ODE-BVPCT8_ODE-BVP84 kb
Module 9CT9_PDECT9_PDE19 kb
Module 9CT9_PDECT9_PDE26 kb

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