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1Lecture 1 : Renewable Energy Technologies English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
2Lecture 2 : Energy Usage by Humans - Estimate of Impact on Atmosphere English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
3Lecture 3 : Conventional Sources of Energy English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
4Lecture 4 : Non-Conventional Sources of Energy - An Overview English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
5Energy consumption English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
6Details of Energy usage in each sector English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
7Consequences of Energy consumption English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
8Solar Energy incident on Earth, Solar Spectrum English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
9The Solar Energy Budget PDF unavailable
10Electromagnetic Radiation : Solar Spectrum English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
11Solar flat plate collector English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
12Solar Radiator English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
13Solar Energy: The Semiconductor English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
14Solar energy: The p-n junction English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
15Solar Cell: Growing the single crystal and making the p-n junction English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
16Solar Energy : Interaction of p-n junction with radiation English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
17Solar Energy :Solar cell characteristics and usage English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
18Solar Energy :Solar cell construction English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
19Solar Energy : Solar Photocatalysis English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
20Wind Energy : Overview English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
21Wind Energy : Energy Considerations English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
22Wind Energy : Efficiency English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
23Wind Energy : Parts and Materials English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
24Wind Energy : Design Considerations English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
25Ocean Thermal Energy : Conversion (OTEC) English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
26Geothermal Energy English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
27Geothermal Energy Technological aspects English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
28Biomass Usage and Issues English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
29Battery Basics English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
30Battery Testing and Performance English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
31Lithium ion Batteries English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
32Common Battery Structures and Types PDF unavailable
33Types of Fuel Cells English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
34Fuel Processing for PEM Fuel Cells English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
35Fuel Cells: Concept to Product English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
36Characterization of Electrochemical Devices English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
37Fuel Cells: Parts and Assembly English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
38Supercapacitors English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
39Flywheels English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
40Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generation English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
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