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1Lecture 01 : What is Stress English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
2Lecture 02 : Sources of stress English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
3Lecture 03 : Types of Stress English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
4Lecture 04: Personality Factors and Stress English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
5Lecture 05: Stress and the College Student English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
6Lecture 6: Stress and Nervous System English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
7Lecture 7: Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
8Lecture 8: Effect of Stress on Immune System English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
9Lecture 9: Health Risk Associated with Chronic Stress English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
10Lecture 10 : Stress and Major Psychiatric Disorders English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
11Lecture 11 : Understanding your stress level English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
12Lecture 12: Role of Personality Pattern, Self Esteem, Locus of Control English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
13Lecture 13 : Role of Thoughts Beliefs and Emotions - I English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
14Lecture 14 : Role of Thoughts Beliefs and Emotions - II English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
15Lecture 15 : Life Situation Intrapersonal : (Assertiveness, Time Management) English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
16Lecture 16 : Developing Cognitive Coping Skills English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
17Lecture 17 : Autogenic Training, Imagery and Progressive Relaxation English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
18Lecture 18 : Other Relaxation Techniques English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
19Lecture 19 : Exercise and Health English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
20Lecture 20 : DIY Strategies Stress Management English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
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