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1Overview of Fiber-optic communications English(PDF)|
2Optical Transmitter-I English(PDF)|
3Optical Transmitter-I(continued) English(PDF)|
4Optical Transmitter-II English(PDF)|
5Optical Transmitter-II(continued) English(PDF)|
6Intensity modulation English(PDF)|
7Review of Signals and Representations -I English(PDF)|
8Review of Signals and Representations -II English(PDF)|
9Digital Modulation-I English(PDF)|
10Review of Signals and Representations -III English(PDF)|
11Review of Signals and Representations -IV English(PDF)|
12Digital Modulation-II English(PDF)|
13Digital Modulation-II (contd.) English(PDF)|
14Digital Modulation-III English(PDF)|
15Optical receivers-I English(PDF)|
16Optical receivers-II English(PDF)|
17Optical Modulator: Physical Structure English(PDF)|
18Propagation of Electromagnetic wave English(PDF)|
19Review of EM Theory English(PDF)|
20Reflection of Waves English(PDF)|
21Optical fiber-I English(PDF)|
22Optical fiber-II English(PDF)|
23Modes in Optical fiber-I English(PDF)|
24Modes in Optical fiber-I(contd.) English(PDF)|
25Modes in Optical fiber-II English(PDF)|
26Dispersion in Fibers English(PDF)|
27Dispersion in Fibers(Contd.) English(PDF)|
28Wrapping up fiber parameters English(PDF)|
29System Design-I English(PDF)|
30Passive WDM components-I English(PDF)|
31Passive WDM components-II English(PDF)|
32Detection of light English(PDF)|
33Detection of light(contd.) English(PDF)|
34Response time & Noise in Detectors English(PDF)|
35Noise in photodiodes-I Edit Lesson English(PDF)|
36Noise in photodiodes-II English(PDF)|
37Light sources-I English(PDF)|
38Light sources-II Edit Lesson English(PDF)|
39Semiconductor laser diodes English(PDF)|
40Optical communication:-Pulse shape & BW English(PDF)|
41Power spectral density English(PDF)|
42Power spectral density(contd.) English(PDF)|
43Advantage of coherent receiver English(PDF)|
44Dispersion induced limitations English(PDF)|
45Optical amplifiers-I English(PDF)|
46Optical amplifiers-II English(PDF)|
47Noise in optical amplifiers English(PDF)|
48Noise in optical amplifiers (contd.) English(PDF)|
49ASE induced limitations English(PDF)|
50Determining BER in OOK system English(PDF)|
51BER determination English(PDF)|
52Eye diagram & Higher modulation techniques Edit Lesson English(PDF)|
53Higher modulation techniques (contd.) English(PDF)|
54Optical OFDM English(PDF)|
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