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1Lecture-1-Introduction to 3G/4G Standards English(PDF)|
2Lecture-2-Wireless Channel and Fading English(PDF)|
3Lecture-3-Rayleigh Fading and BER of Wired Communication English(PDF)|
4Lecture-4- BER for Wireless Communication English(PDF)|
5Lecture 5 -Introduction to Diversity English(PDF)|
6Lecture 6 - Multi-antenna Maximal Ratio Combiner English(PDF)|
7Lecture7-BER with Diversity English(PDF)|
8Lecture 8-Spatial Diversity and Diversity Order English(PDF)|
9Lecture 9-Wireless Channel and Delay Spread English(PDF)|
10Lecture 10-Coherence Bandwidth of the Wireless Channel English(PDF)|
11Lecture 11-ISI and Doppler in Wireless Communications English(PDF)|
12Lecture 12-Doppler Spectrum and Jakes Model English(PDF)|
13Lecture 13-Introduction to CDMA, Spread Spectrum and LFSR English(PDF)|
14Lecture 14-Generation and Properties of PN Sequences English(PDF)|
15Lecture 15-Correlation of PN Sequences and Jammer Margin English(PDF)|
16Lecture 16-CDMA Advantages and RAKE Receiver English(PDF)|
17Lecture 17-Multi-User CDMA Downlink Part I English(PDF)|
18Lecture 18-Multi-User CDMA Downlink Part II English(PDF)|
19Lecture 19-Multi-User CDMA Uplink and Asynchronous CDMA English(PDF)|
20Lecture 20-CDMA Near-Far Problem and Introduction to MIMO English(PDF)|
21Lecture 21-MIMO System Model and Zero-Forcing Receiver English(PDF)|
22Lecture 22-MIMO MMSE Receiver and Introduction to SVD English(PDF)|
23Lecture 23-SVD Based Optimal MIMO Transmission and Capacity English(PDF)|
24Lecture 24-SVD Based Optimal MIMO Transmission and Capacity English(PDF)|
25Lecture 25-OSTBCs and Introduction to V-BLAST Receiver English(PDF)|
26Lecture 26-V-BLAST (Contd.) and MIMO Beamforming English(PDF)|
27Lecture 27- Introduction to OFDM and Multi-Carrier Modulation English(PDF)|
28Lecture 28-IFFT Sampling for OFDM English(PDF)|
29Lecture 29-OFDM Schematic and Cyclic Prefix English(PDF)|
30Lecture 30-OFDM Based Parallelization and OFDM Example English(PDF)|
31Lecture 31-OFDM Example (Contd.) and Introduction to MIMO-OFDM English(PDF)|
32Lecture 32- MIMO-OFDM (Contd.) English(PDF)|
33Lecture 33-Impact of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) in OFDM English(PDF)|
34Lecture 34-PAPR in OFDM Systems and Introduction to SC-FDMA English(PDF)|
35Lecture 35-SC-FDMA (Contd.) and Introduction of Wireless Propagation Models English(PDF)|
36Lecture 36-Ground Reflection and Okumura Models English(PDF)|
37Lecture 37-Hata Model and Log Normal Shadowing English(PDF)|
38Lecture 38-Link Budget Analysis English(PDF)|
39Lecture 39-Introduction to Teletraffic Theory English(PDF)|
40Lecture 40-Cellular Traffic Modeling and Blocking Probability English(PDF)|
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