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1Lecture 1: Introduction to Analog Circuits - An Overview English(PDF)|
2Lecture 2: Two Parts of Review of Analog Filter Approximation English(PDF)|
3Lecture 3: BJT Small Signal Model English(PDF)|
4Lecture 4: BJT Small Signal Model [Continuation from Lecture 3] English(PDF)|
5Lecture 5: MOS Circuit Model English(PDF)|
6Lecture 6: Biasing of Circuits English(PDF)|
7Lecture 7: Amplifiers English(PDF)|
8Lecture 8: MOS Amplifiers English(PDF)|
9Lecture 9: Cascode Amplifier English(PDF)|
10Lecture 10: Frequency Response of Amplifier English(PDF)|
11Lecture 11: Frequency Response of Amplifier English(PDF)|
12Lecture 12: Frequency Response of Amplifier English(PDF)|
13Lecture 13: Frequency Response of Amplifier English(PDF)|
14Lecture 14: Differential Amplifier English(PDF)|
15Lecture 15: Differential Amplifier English(PDF)|
16Lecture 16: Differential Amplifier English(PDF)|
17Lecture 17: Feedback Theory English(PDF)|
18Lecture 18: Feedback Theory English(PDF)|
19Lecture 19: OPAMP Circuits English(PDF)|
20Lecture 20: OPAMP Circuits English(PDF)|
21Lecture 21: Active RC Filters English(PDF)|
22Lecture 22: Active Filters English(PDF)|
23Lecture 23: Oscillators English(PDF)|
24Lecture 24: Oscillators English(PDF)|
25Lecture 25: DAC/ADC English(PDF)|
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