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1Introduction to Plasmas English(PDF)|
2Plasma Response to fields: Fluid Equations English(PDF)|
3DC Conductivity and Negative Differential Conductivity English(PDF)|
4RF Conductivity of Plasma English(PDF)|
5RF Conductivity of Plasma Contd English(PDF)|
6Hall Effect, Cowling Effect and Cyclotron Resonance Heating English(PDF)|
7Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Plasma English(PDF)|
8Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Plasma Contd English(PDF)|
9Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Inhomogeneous Plasma English(PDF)|
10Electrostatic Waves in Plasmas English(PDF)|
11Energy Flow with an Electrostatic Wave English(PDF)|
12Two Stream Instability English(PDF)|
13Relativistic electron Beam- Plasma Interaction English(PDF)|
14Cerenkov Free Electron Laser English(PDF)|
15Free Electron Laser English(PDF)|
16Free Electron Laser: Energy gain English(PDF)|
17Free Electron Laser: Wiggler Tapering and Compton Regime Operation English(PDF)|
18Weibel Instability English(PDF)|
19Rayleigh Taylor Instability English(PDF)|
20Single Particle Motion in Static Magnetic and Electric Fields English(PDF)|
21Plasma Physics Grad B and Curvature Drifts English(PDF)|
22Adiabatic Invariance of Magnetic Moment and Mirror confinement English(PDF)|
23Mirror machine English(PDF)|
24Thermonuclear fusion English(PDF)|
25Tokamak English(PDF)|
26Tokamak operation English(PDF)|
27Auxiliary heating and current drive in tokamak English(PDF)|
28Electromagnetic waves propagation in magnetise plasma English(PDF)|
29Longitudinal electromagnetic wave propagation cutoffs, resonances and faraday rotation English(PDF)|
30Electromagnetic propagation at oblique angles to magnetic field in a plasma English(PDF)|
31Low frequency EM waves magnetized plasma English(PDF)|
32Electrostatic waves in magnetized plasma English(PDF)|
33Ion acoustic, ion cyclotron and magneto sonic waves in magnetized plasma English(PDF)|
34VIasov theory of plasma waves English(PDF)|
35Landau damping and growth of waves English(PDF)|
36Landau damping and growth of waves Contd English(PDF)|
37Anomalous resistivity in a plasma English(PDF)|
38Diffusion in plasma English(PDF)|
39Diffusion in magnetized plasma English(PDF)|
40Surface plasma wave English(PDF)|
41Laser interaction with plasmas embedded with clusters English(PDF)|
42Current trends and epilogue English(PDF)|
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