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1Introduction to product design and development English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
2Product life-cycle English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
3Product policy of an organization and selection of profitable products English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
4Product design English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
5Product design steps and product analysis English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
6Value engineering concepts English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
7Problem Identification and VEJP English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
8Function analysis English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
9Functional analysis system technique English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
10Case study on value engineering English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
11Quality function deployment English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
12Computer aided design English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
13Robust design English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
14Design for X English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
15Ergonomics in product design English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
16DFMA guidelines English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
17Product design for manual assembly English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
18Design guidelines for different processes English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
19Rapid prototyping: concept, advantages English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
20Rapid prototyping processes English(PDF)|Hindi(PDF)
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