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1Powder Metallurgy - 1 English(PDF)|
1Powder Metallurgy - 1 English(PDF)|
2Powder Metallurgy - 2 English(PDF)|
3Powder Metallurgy - 3 English(PDF)|
4Metal Forming - Fundamentals English(PDF)|
5Forging English(PDF)|
6Swaging and Wire Drawing English(PDF)|
7Sheet Metal Operations English(PDF)|
8Sheet Metal Operations - 2 English(PDF)|
9Sheet Metal Operations - 3 English(PDF)|
10Sheet Metal Working - Presses English(PDF)|
11Sheet Metal Working - Equipment English(PDF)|
12High Energy Rate Forming Processes English(PDF)|
13Machining Fundamentals English(PDF)|
14Machining - I English(PDF)|
15Machining - II English(PDF)|
16Machining - III English(PDF)|
17Metal casting I English(PDF)|
18Metal casting II English(PDF)|
19Metal Casting III English(PDF)|
20Metal Casting IV English(PDF)|
21Metal Casting V English(PDF)|
22Metal Casting VI English(PDF)|
23Metal Casting VII English(PDF)|
24Metal Casting VIII English(PDF)|
25Metal Casting IX English(PDF)|
26Metal Casting X English(PDF)|
27Introduction English(PDF)|
28Welding Process Classification English(PDF)|
29Brazing Soldering Braze Welding English(PDF)|
30Arc Welding Power Source Part - 1 English(PDF)|
31Arc Welding Power Source Part - 2 English(PDF)|
32Shielded Metal Arc Welding Part - 1 English(PDF)|
33Shielded Metal Arc Welding Part - 2 English(PDF)|
34Submerged Arc Welding English(PDF)|
35Gas Metal Arc Welding I English(PDF)|
36Gas Metal Arc Welding II English(PDF)|
37Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Part - 1 English(PDF)|
38Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Part - 2 English(PDF)|
39Resistance Welding Process English(PDF)|
40Reaction in Weld Region Welding Defects English(PDF)|
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