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1Introduction to Fluid Flow English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
2Flow field, Stresses on fluid element, Newtonian fluid English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
3Non Newtonian fluid, Classification of flow, Analysis of flow English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
4Tutorial English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
5Lec 01 - Integral analysis, Control volume, Generalised conservation equation English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
6Lec 02 - Mass and linear momentum conservation in CV English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
7Lec 03 - Angular momentum conservation, Non-inertial frame of reference English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
8Lec 04 - Tutorial English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
9Lec01 - Differential Analysis English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
10Lec02 - Navier-Stokes equation for 2D incompressible flow English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
11Lec 03 - Vorticity, Stream function, Bernoulli's equation English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
12Lec 04 -Tutorial English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
13Lec 01 - External flows, Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layer English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
14Lec 02 - Differential analysis of boundary layer, Blassius equation English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
15Lec 03 - Boundary Layer flow with pressure gradient, Flow separation English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
16Lec 04 - Internal flow, Pipe friction English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
17Lec01 - Basic Thermodynamics English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
18Lec02 - Turbomachines: Definition and classification English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
19Lec03 - Dimensional Analysis English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
20Lec 04 - Tutorial. English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
21Lec01 - Representation of Turbomachines and Definition of velocity English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
22Lec02 - Euler's energy equation English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
23Lec03 - Real fluid flow and efficiency of turbomachine English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
24Lec04 - Tutorial English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
25Lec01 - Pumps English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
26Lec02 - Pumping Systems English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
27Lec03 - Hydraulic Turbines: Pelton Turbine English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
28Lec04 - Hydraulic Turbines: Reaction Turbines English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
29Lec05 - Cavitation in Hydroturbomachines English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
30Lec06 - Tutorial English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
31Lec01 - Introduction to compressible flow English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
32Lec02 - Steam and Gas Turbine : Introduction and classification English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
33Lec03 - Steam and Gas Turbine : h-s Plots and velocity triangle English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
34Lec04 - Tutorial... English(PDF)|Telugu(PDF)
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