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1Introduction to Linear Programming Formulations English(PDF)|
2Linear Programming Formulations (Contd...) English(PDF)|
3Linear Programming Solutions- Graphical Methods English(PDF)|
4Linear Programming Solutions - Simplex Algorithm English(PDF)|
5Simplex Algorithm-Minimization Problems English(PDF)|
6Simplex Algorithm - Initialization and Iteration English(PDF)|
7Simplex Algorithm - Termination English(PDF)|
8Introduction to Duality English(PDF)|
9Primal Dual Relationships, Duality Theorems English(PDF)|
10Dual Variables and the Simplex Tables English(PDF)|
11Simplex Algorithm in Matrix Form Introduction to Sensitivity Analysis English(PDF)|
12Sensitivity Analysis Transportation Problem (Introduction) English(PDF)|
13Transportation Problem, Methods for Initial Basic Feasible Solutions English(PDF)|
14Transportation Problem-Optimal Solutions English(PDF)|
15Transportation Problem - Other Issues English(PDF)|
16Assignment Problem - Hungarian Algorithm English(PDF)|
17Assignment Problem - Other Issues Introduction to Dynamic Programming English(PDF)|
18Dynamic Programming - Examples Involving Discrete Variables English(PDF)|
19Dynamic Programming - Continuous Variables English(PDF)|
20Dynamic Programming - Examples to Solve Linear & Integer Programming Problems English(PDF)|
21Inventory Models - Deterministic Models English(PDF)|
22Inventory Models - Discount Models, Constrained Inventory Problems, Lagrangean Multipliers, Conclusions English(PDF)|
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