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1Project and Production Management - An Overview English(PDF)|
2Project Management: An Overview English(PDF)|
3Project Identification and Screening English(PDF)|
4Project Appraisal: Part 1 English(PDF)|
5Project Appraisal:Part II English(PDF)|
6Project Selection English(PDF)|
7Project Representation English(PDF)|
8Consistency and Redundancy in Project Networks English(PDF)|
9Basic scheduling with A-O-A Networks English(PDF)|
10Basic Scheduling with A-O-N Networks English(PDF)|
11Project Scheduling with Probabilistic Activity English(PDF)|
12Linear Time-Cost Tradeoffs in Projects English(PDF)|
13Project Crashing with Multiple Objectives English(PDF)|
14Resource Profiles and Leveling English(PDF)|
15Limited Resource Allocation English(PDF)|
16Project Monitoring and Control with PERT/Cost English(PDF)|
17Team Building and Leadership in Projects English(PDF)|
18Organizational and Behavioral Issues English(PDF)|
19Computers in Project Management English(PDF)|
20Project Completion and Review English(PDF)|
21Life Cycle of a Production System English(PDF)|
22Role of Models in Production Management English(PDF)|
23Financial Evaluation of capital Decisions English(PDF)|
24Decision Trees and Risk Evaluation English(PDF)|
25Introducing New Products & Services English(PDF)|
26Economic Evaluation of New Products & Services English(PDF)|
27Product Mix Decisions English(PDF)|
28Product & Process Design English(PDF)|
29Issues in Location of Facilities English(PDF)|
30Mathematical Models for Facility Location English(PDF)|
31Layout planning English(PDF)|
32Computerised Layout Planning English(PDF)|
33Product Layouts and Assembly Line Balancing English(PDF)|
34Forecasting English(PDF)|
35The Analysis of Time Series English(PDF)|
36Aggregate Production Planning: Basic Concepts English(PDF)|
37Modelling Approaches English(PDF)|
38Basic Inventory Principles English(PDF)|
39Inventory Modelling English(PDF)|
40Material Requirements Planning English(PDF)|
41Scheduling of Job Shops English(PDF)|
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