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1Lecture 1: Introduction English(PDF)|
2Lecture 2: Propositions, Arguments, Components, Basic Characteristics English(PDF)|
3Lecture 3: Recognizing arguments, Diagramming logic flow English(PDF)|
4Lecture 4: Types of arguments, Deductive, Inductive, different norms to assess arguments English(PDF)|
5Lecture 5: Concepts of Validity Soundness, Consistency English(PDF)|
6Lecture 6: History of Symbolic Language English(PDF)|
7Lecture 7: Propositional Logic: Syntax English(PDF)|
8Lecture 9: Truth-functional Connectives, Propositional Variables, Propositional Constants English(PDF)|
9Lecture 8:Connectives, Scope of Connectives English(PDF)|
10Lecture 10: Symbolization with Connectives English(PDF)|
11Lecture 11: Propositional Logic: Semantics Basics of a Truth Table English(PDF)|
12Lecture 12: Using Truth Table: Tautology, Contradiction, Contingent Propositions English(PDF)|
13Lecture 13: Using Truth Table: Testing Arguments for Validity and Invalidity English(PDF)|
14Lecture 14: Shorter Truth Table English(PDF)|
15Lecture 15: Using Truth Table: Testing a Set of Propositions for consistency and inconsistency, and for logical equivalence English(PDF)|
16Lecture 16: Introduction to Truth Trees English(PDF)|
17Lecture 17: Truth Tree Rules and their Application English(PDF)|
18Lecture 18: More on Truth-Tree Recovery of Partial Truth - Values English(PDF)|
19Lecture 19: Using the Truth Trees English(PDF)|
20Lecture 20: More on Truth Trees English(PDF)|
21Lecture 21: Formal Proof of Validity English(PDF)|
22Lecture 22: Valid Argument Forms: English(PDF)|
23Lecture 23: How to Apply the Rules of Inference in a Proof English(PDF)|
24Lecture 24: Understanding the Rules English(PDF)|
25Lecture 25: Proofs with All Rules English(PDF)|
26Lecture 26: Completeness : What it is English(PDF)|
27Lecture 27: Indirect Proof English(PDF)|
28Lecture 28: Conditional Proof English(PDF)|
29Lecture 29: More on Conditional Proof English(PDF)|
30Lecture 30: More on Derivations English(PDF)|
31Lecture 31: Limitation of Propositional Logic English(PDF)|
32Lecture 32: Basic 4 Types of Categorical Propositions English(PDF)|
33Lecture 33: Understanding Logical Relations in Standard Form Categorical Propositions English(PDF)|
34Lecture 34 : Translating Non-Standard Propositions into Standard Form Categorical Propositions English(PDF)|
35Lecture 35: Validity and Invalidity of Syllogisms English(PDF)|
36Lecture 36 : First Order Predicate Logic English(PDF)|
37Lecture 37 : Quantifiers English(PDF)|
38Lecture 38 : Scope of a Quantifier Edit Lesson English(PDF)|
39Lecture 39 : Multiple Quantifiers English(PDF)|
40Lecture 40 : Understanding Overlapping Quantifiers Sharing Predicates and Scope English(PDF)|
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