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1Basic Electrical Technology English(PDF)|
2Passive Components English(PDF)|
3Sources English(PDF)|
4Kirchoff's Law English(PDF)|
5Modelling of Circuit English(PDF)|
6Modeling of Circuit Part 2 English(PDF)|
7Analysis Using MatLab English(PDF)|
8Sinusoidal steady state English(PDF)|
9Transfer Function and Pole Zero domain English(PDF)|
10Transfer function & pole zero English(PDF)|
11The Sinusoid English(PDF)|
12Phasor Analysis Part 1 English(PDF)|
13Phasor Analysis Part 2 English(PDF)|
14Power Factor English(PDF)|
15Power ports English(PDF)|
16Transformer Basics Part 1 English(PDF)|
17Transformer Basic Part 2 English(PDF)|
18Transformer Basics Part 3 English(PDF)|
19The Practical Transformer Part 1 English(PDF)|
20Transformer Part 2 English(PDF)|
21The Practical Transformer Part 3 English(PDF)|
22DC Machines Part 1 English(PDF)|
23DC Machines Part 2 English(PDF)|
24DC Generators Part 1 English(PDF)|
25DC Generators Part 2 English(PDF)|
26DC Motors Part 1 English(PDF)|
27DC Motors Part 2 English(PDF)|
28DC Motor Part 3 English(PDF)|
29Three Phase System Part 1 English(PDF)|
30Three Phase System Part 2 English(PDF)|
31Three Phase System Part 3 English(PDF)|
32Three Phase System Part 4 English(PDF)|
33Three Phase Transformer Part 1 English(PDF)|
34Three Phase Transformer Part 2 English(PDF)|
35Induction Motor Part 1 English(PDF)|
36Induction Motor Part 2 English(PDF)|
37Induction Motor Part 3 English(PDF)|
38Induction Motor Part 4 English(PDF)|
39Synchronous Machine English(PDF)|
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