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1Introduction to Digital VLSI Design Flow English(PDF)|
2High Level Design Representation English(PDF)|
3Transformations for High Level Synthesis English(PDF)|
4Introduction to HLS: Scheduling, Allocation and Binding Problem English(PDF)|
5Scheduling Algorithms-1 English(PDF)|
6Scheduling Algorithms-2 English(PDF)|
7Binding and Allocation Algorithms English(PDF)|
8Two level Boolean Logic Synthesis-1 English(PDF)|
9Two level Boolean Logic Synthesis-2 English(PDF)|
10Two level Boolean Logic Synthesis-3 English(PDF)|
11Heuristic Minimization of Two-Level Circuits English(PDF)|
12Finite State Machine Synthesis English(PDF)|
13Multilevel Implementation English(PDF)|
14Introduction to formal methods for design verification English(PDF)|
15Temporal Logic: Introduction and Basic Operators English(PDF)|
16Syntax and Semantics of CTL English(PDF)|
17Syntax and Semantics of CTL – Continued English(PDF)|
18Equivalence between CTL Formulas English(PDF)|
19Introduction to Model Checking English(PDF)|
20Model Checking Algorithms I English(PDF)|
21Model Checking Algorithms II English(PDF)|
22Model Checking with Fairness English(PDF)|
23Binary Decision Diagram: Introduction and construction English(PDF)|
24Ordered Binary Decision Diagram English(PDF)|
25Operation on Ordered Binary Decision Diagram English(PDF)|
26Ordered Binary Decision Diagram for State Transition Systems English(PDF)|
27Symbolic Model Checking English(PDF)|
28Introduction to Digital VLSI Testing English(PDF)|
29Functional and Structural Testing English(PDF)|
30Fault Equivalence English(PDF)|
31Fault Simulation-1 English(PDF)|
32Fault Simulation-2 English(PDF)|
33Fault Simulation-3 English(PDF)|
34Testability Measures (SCOAP) English(PDF)|
35Introduction to Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) and ATPG Algebras English(PDF)|
36D-Algorithm-1 English(PDF)|
37D-Algorithm-2 English(PDF)|
38ATPG for Synchronous Sequential Circuits English(PDF)|
39Scan Chain based Sequential Circuit Testing-1 English(PDF)|
40Scan Chain based Sequential Circuit Testing-2 English(PDF)|
41Built in Self Test-1 English(PDF)|
42Built in Self Test-2 English(PDF)|
43Memory Testing-1 English(PDF)|
44Memory Testing-2 English(PDF)|
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