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1Introduction English(PDF)|
2Visibility Problems English(PDF)|
32D Maxima English(PDF)|
4Line Sweep Method English(PDF)|
5Segment Intersection Problem English(PDF)|
6Line Sweep: Rectangle Union English(PDF)|
7Convex Hull English(PDF)|
8Convex Hull Contd English(PDF)|
9Quick Hull English(PDF)|
10More Convex Hull Algorithms English(PDF)|
11Intersection of Half Planes and Duality English(PDF)|
12Intersection of Half Planes and Duality Contd English(PDF)|
13Lower Bounds English(PDF)|
14Planar Point Location English(PDF)|
15Point Location and Triangulation Contd... English(PDF)|
16Triangulation of Arbitrary Polygon. English(PDF)|
17Voronoi Diagram : Properties English(PDF)|
18Voronoi Diagram Construction English(PDF)|
19Delaunay Triangulation. English(PDF)|
20Quick sort and Backward Analysis English(PDF)|
21Generalized RIC English(PDF)|
22RIC Continued English(PDF)|
23Arrangements English(PDF)|
24Zone Theorem and Application English(PDF)|
25Levels English(PDF)|
26Range Searching : Introduction English(PDF)|
27Orthogonal Range searching English(PDF)|
28Priority Search Trees English(PDF)|
29Non - Orthogonal Range Searching English(PDF)|
30Half - Plane Range Query English(PDF)|
31Well Separated Partitioning English(PDF)|
32Quadtrees Epsilon -WSPD English(PDF)|
33Construction of Epsilon - WSPD English(PDF)|
34Epsilon - WSPD to Geometric Spanner English(PDF)|
35Epsilon-Nets & VC Dimension English(PDF)|
36Epsilon-Nets & VC Dimension contd English(PDF)|
37Geometric Set Cover English(PDF)|
38Geometric Set Cover (with Bounded VC Dimension) English(PDF)|
39Shape Representation English(PDF)|
40Shape Comparison English(PDF)|
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