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1L1-Introduction to Watershed Management English(PDF)|
2L2-Watershed Management & Stakeholder Analysis English(PDF)|
3L3-Watershed Management Policies English(PDF)|
4L4-Sustainable Watershed Management English(PDF)|
5L5-Agricultural Practices & Watershed Management English(PDF)|
6L6-Soil Erosion & Conservation English(PDF)|
7L7-Watershed Management in Arid Regions & Strategic Planning English(PDF)|
8L8-Integrated Water Resources Management English(PDF)|
9L9-Conjuctive Use of Water Resources English(PDF)|
10L10-Rainwater Harvesting System English(PDF)|
11L11-Rainwater Harvesting & Roof Catchment System English(PDF)|
12L12-Watershed Characteristics English(PDF)|
13L13-Watershed Delineation & Modeling English(PDF)|
14L14-Hydrologic Processes English(PDF)|
15L15-Watershed Modeling English(PDF)|
16L16-Hydrologic Modeling English(PDF)|
17L17-Numerical Watershed Modeling English(PDF)|
18L18-Subsurface & Groundwater Flows English(PDF)|
19L19-Social & Community Aspects of Watershed Management English(PDF)|
20L20-Socio-economy, Private Sector Participation & Gender Issues English(PDF)|
21L21-Integrated Development, Water Legislation & Implementation Issues English(PDF)|
22L22-GIS & Applications in Watershed Management English(PDF)|
23L23-Remote Sensing & Applications in Watershed Management English(PDF)|
24L24-Decision Support Systems & Applications in Watershed Management English(PDF)|
25L25-Integrated Watershed Modeling Using Numerical Methods, GIS & Remote Sensing English(PDF)|
26L26-Applications of Knowledge Based Models in Watershed Management English(PDF)|
27L27-Surface Water Quality & Pollution Issues English(PDF)|
28L28-Groundwater Pollution Problems & Transport Processes English(PDF)|
29L29-Water Quality Modeling English(PDF)|
30L30-Environmental Guidelines for Water Quality Management English(PDF)|
31L31-Storm Water Management English(PDF)|
32L32-Urban Drainage System English(PDF)|
33L33-Flood Routing English(PDF)|
34L34-Flood Control & Management English(PDF)|
35L35-Drought Assessment English(PDF)|
36L36-Drought Analysis English(PDF)|
37L37-Drought Mitigation English(PDF)|
38L38-Water Conservation English(PDF)|
39L39-Water Recycling English(PDF)|
40L40-Water Reclaimation & Reuse English(PDF)|
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