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1Introduction & Overview English(PDF)|
2Basic concepts : Representation of Chemical Reactions English(PDF)|
3Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions: Part I English(PDF)|
4Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions: Part II English(PDF)|
5Chemical Reaction Kinetics - Overview English(PDF)|
6Chemical Reaction Kinetics & Reactor Design English(PDF)|
7Chemical Reactor Design English(PDF)|
8Problem Solving: Thermodynamics & Kinetics English(PDF)|
9Complec Reactions - Introduction English(PDF)|
10Complec Reactions - Yield & Selectivity English(PDF)|
11Complex Reactions - Quasi Steady State and Quasi Equilibrium Approximations English(PDF)|
12Complex Reactions - Kinetics of Chain Reactions & polymerization English(PDF)|
13Catalytic reactions - Introduction English(PDF)|
14Catalytic reactions - Adsorption & Desorption English(PDF)|
15Catalytic reactions - Kinetics English(PDF)|
16Monomolecular Reaction Network & Lumping Analysis English(PDF)|
17Problem solving: Complex reactions English(PDF)|
18Gas-solid Catalytic Reactions - External diffusion English(PDF)|
19Gas-solid Catalytic Reactions - Transport in Catalyst Pellet English(PDF)|
20Gas-solid Catalytic Reactions - Diffusion & Reaction I English(PDF)|
21Gas-solid Catalytic Reactions - Diffusion & Reaction II English(PDF)|
22Gas-solid Catalytic Reactions - Diffusion & Reaction III English(PDF)|
23Gas-solid Catalytic Reactions - Nonisothermal effects English(PDF)|
24Gas-solid Noncatalytic Reactions English(PDF)|
25Gas-Liquid Reactions English(PDF)|
26Problem solving: Heterogenous reactions English(PDF)|
27Chemical Reactor Design: Mass & Energy Balances English(PDF)|
28Chemical Reactor Design: Mass & Energy Balances for Heterogenous Reactions English(PDF)|
29Nonisothermal Reactor Operation English(PDF)|
30Case Study - Ethane dehyrogenation English(PDF)|
31Case Study - Hydrogenation of Oil English(PDF)|
32Case Study - Ammonia Synthesis English(PDF)|
33Autothermal reactors English(PDF)|
34Parametric Sensitivity English(PDF)|
35CSTR - multiple steady states English(PDF)|
36Stability Analysis - Basics English(PDF)|
37Stability Analysis - Examples English(PDF)|
38Nonideal flow and reactor performance - I English(PDF)|
39Nonideal flow and reactor performance - II English(PDF)|
40Problem solving: Reactor Design English(PDF)|
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