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1Course Introduction English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
2Lecture 1.1: Basics of Programming using MATLAB English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
3Lec 1.2: Array Operations in MATLAB English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
4Lec 1.3: Loops and Execution Control English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
5Tutorial: Using Arrays English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
6Lec 1.4: MATLAB Files -- Scripts and Functions English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
7Lec 1.5: Plotting and Output English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
8How to submit MATLAB Assignment English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
9Lec 2.1: Errors in Numerical Computation English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
10Lec 2.2: Truncation Errors and Taylors Series English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
11Lec 2.3: Round-Off Errors; and Iterative Methods English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
12Lec 2.4: Step-wise Methods and Error Propagation English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
13How to get MATLAB Online access (for all enrolled students of this course) English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
14Lec 3.1: Differentiation in Single Variable English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
15Lec 3.2: Higher Order Differentiation Formulae English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
16Lec 3.3: Partial Differentials (Bonus) English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
17Lec 3.4: Numerical Integration English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
18Lec 3.5: Multiple Applications of Integration Formulae English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
19Lec 3.6: In-Build MATLAB Integration Functions English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
20Lec 4.1: Basics of Linear Algebra English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
21Lec 4.2: Gauss Elimination and Back-Substitution English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
22Lec 4.3: LU Decomposition and Partial Pivoting English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
23Lec 4.4: Gauss Siedel Method English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
24Lec 4.4 (Tutorial) English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
25Lec 4.5: Tri-Diagonal Matrix Algorithm English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
26Lec 5.1: Nonlinear Equations in Single Variable English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
27Lec 5.2: Using MATLAB command fzero English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
28Lec 5.3: Fixed Point Iteration in Single Variable English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
29Lec 5.4: Newton-Raphson (single variable) English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
30Lec 5.5: Using MATLAB command fsolve (multi-variable) English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
31Lec 5.6: Newton-Raphson (multi Variable) English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
32Lec 6.1: Introduction English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
33Lec 6.2: Linear Least Squares Regression English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
34Lec 6.3: Nonlinear and Functional Regression English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
35Lec 6.4: Interpolation Functions in MATLAB English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
36Lecture 7.1: Introduction and Euler\'s Method English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
37Lecture 7.2: Runge-Kutta (RK-2) method English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
38Lecture 7.3: MATLAB ode45 algorithm English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
39Lecture 7.4: Higher order Runge-Kutta Methods English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
40Lecture 7.5: Error Analysis English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
41Lecture 8.1: Multi-Variable ODE English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
42Lecture 8.2: Stiff Systems & Solution using ode15s English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
43Lecture 8.3: Method of Lines for transient PDEs English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
44Lecture 8.4: A Final Example English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
45Tutorial: How to do linear and nonlinear regression English(PDF)|Gujarati(PDF)
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