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1Introduction to Polymers English(PDF)|
2Ideal Chain Models English(PDF)|
3Ideal and Real Chains English(PDF)|
4Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions - I English(PDF)|
5Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions - II English(PDF)|
6Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions - III English(PDF)|
7Phase Behaviour of Polymer Solutions and Blends English(PDF)|
8Phase Behaviour of Polymer Blends and Copolymers English(PDF)|
9Determination of Polymer Molar Mass: Osmometry English(PDF)|
10Determination of Polymer Molar Mass: Static Light Scattering - I PDF unavailable
11Determination of Polymer Molar Mass: Static Light Scattering - II PDF unavailable
12Determination of Polymer Molar Mass: Viscometry and GPC PDF unavailable
13Branching: Hyperbranched Polymers English(PDF)|
14Branching, Network Formation and Gelation English(PDF)|
15Gelation and Swelling of Network Polymers English(PDF)|
19Viscoelasticity: Mechanical Models English(PDF)|
20Viscoelasticity, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Rheology English(PDF)|
21Rubber Elasticity English(PDF)|
22Unentangled Polymer Dynamics English(PDF)|
23Entangled Polymer Dynamics English(PDF)|
24Review English(PDF)|
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