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1Lecture 1: Introduction English(PDF)|
2Lecture 2: What is Nanotechnology English(PDF)|
3Lecture 3: An outline English(PDF)|
4Lecture 4: Agriculture: Natural versus Modern English(PDF)|
5Lecture 5: Modern Agriculture: controlled or out of control English(PDF)|
6Lecture 6-A Restart:Utilising Our Discoveries English(PDF)|
7Lecture 7-Classifying nanomaterials Based on Shape and Geometry English(PDF)|
8Lecture 8-Classifying Nanomaterials Based on Chemical Nature English(PDF)|
9Lecture 9-Physical Approaches to Nanomaterial Synthesis English(PDF)|
10Lecture 10-Biological and Chemical Approaches to Nanomaterial Synthesis English(PDF)|
11Lecture 11-Detailed Physical Techniques - I English(PDF)|
12Lecture 12-Detailed Physical Techniques - II English(PDF)|
13Lecture 13-Detailed Chemical Techniques English(PDF)|
14Lecture 14-Detailed Biological Techniques English(PDF)|
15Lecture 15-Basic Characterisation Techniques of Nanomaterials English(PDF)|
16Lecture 16: Characterisation techniques for physical and chemical surface properties of a material English(PDF)|
17Lecture 17: Nanomaterials in Agriculture English(PDF)|
18Lecture 18: Iron pyrite and seed pre-treatment English(PDF)|
19Lecture 19: nano-Pyrite and its lab trial with chickpea English(PDF)|
20Lecture 20: nano-Pyrite field trial with spinach and its mechanistic details English(PDF)|
21Lecture 21: Mechanistic details of the action of Pyrite nano-particle English(PDF)|
22Lecture 22: Application of Pyrite nano-particle in different crops English(PDF)|
23Lecture 23: Application of different nano-particles in Agriculture-I English(PDF)|
24Lecture 24: Benefits of nanoparticles in Agriculture English(PDF)|
25Lecture 25: Nanotechnology in animal production English(PDF)|
26Lecture 26: Antioxidant nanomaterial in animal production-I English(PDF)|
27Lecture 27: Antioxidant nanomaterial in animal production-II English(PDF)|
28Lecture 28: Antioxidant nanomaterial in animal production-III English(PDF)|
29Lecture 29: Antioxidant nanomaterial in skeletal muscle development-I English(PDF)|
30Lecture 30: Antioxidant nanomaterial in skeletal muscle development-II English(PDF)|
31Lecture 31: Skeletal muscle development and nanomaterial intervention English(PDF)|
32Lecture 32: Fabrication of nano-micro devices to study force generation in muscles English(PDF)|
33Lecture 33: Summarising role of nanomaterials in animal production English(PDF)|
34Lecture 34: Nanomaterials in food processing and preservation-I English(PDF)|
35Lecture 35: Nanomaterials in food processing and preservation-II English(PDF)|
36Lecture 36: Multifunctionality of nanomaterial: water purification, waste disposal, and energy English(PDF)|
37Lecture 37: Futuristic multifunctional, sustainable and green nanomaterial English(PDF)|
38Lecture 38: Case study of Titanium dioxide English(PDF)|
39Lecture 39: Case study of Titanium dioxide -II English(PDF)|
40Lecture 40: The future: evolving nano world English(PDF)|
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