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1L1-Introduction English(PDF)|
2L2-Graphs and functions - I English(PDF)|
3L3-Graphs and functions - II English(PDF)|
4L4-Functions and derivatives English(PDF)|
5L5-Calculation of derivatives English(PDF)|
6L6-Differentiation and its application in Biology - I English(PDF)|
7L7-Differentiation and its application in Biology - II English(PDF)|
8L8-Differentiation and its application in Biology - III English(PDF)|
9L9-Differentiation and its application in Biology - IV English(PDF)|
10L10-Integration - I English(PDF)|
11L11-Integration - II English(PDF)|
12L12-Differential equations-I English(PDF)|
13L13-Differential equations - II English(PDF)|
14L14-Vectors - I English(PDF)|
15L15-Vectors - II English(PDF)|
16L16-Vectors - III English(PDF)|
17L17-Nernst equation English(PDF)|
18L18-Diffusion-I : Diffusion equation English(PDF)|
19L19-Diffusion - II: Mean-square displacement English(PDF)|
20L20-Diffusion-III : Einstein’s relation English(PDF)|
21L21-Statistics : Mean and variance English(PDF)|
22L22-Statistics: Distribution function English(PDF)|
23L23-Understanding Normal distribution English(PDF)|
24L24-Fitting a function to experimental data English(PDF)|
25L25-Size of a flexible protein: Simplest model English(PDF)|
26L26-Uniform and Poisson distributions; Knudson’s analysis English(PDF)|
27L27-Fourier Series-I English(PDF)|
28L28-Fourier Series-II English(PDF)|
29L29-Fourier transform English(PDF)|
30L30-Master equation: Polymerization dynamics, Molecular motor motion English(PDF)|
31L31-Evolution: Simplest model English(PDF)|
32L32-Tutorial - I English(PDF)|
33L33-Tutorial-II English(PDF)|
34L34-Temperature, Energy and Entropy English(PDF)|
35L35-Partition function, Free energy English(PDF)|
36L36-Bending fluctuations of DNA and spring-like proteins English(PDF)|
37L37-Force-extension and looping of DNA English(PDF)|
38L38-Thermodynamics of protein organization along DNA English(PDF)|
39L39-Learning mathematics with the help of a computer English(PDF)|
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