Design Example
Domestic Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Module 7: Municipal Wastewater Quantity and Quality
Lecture 17: Wastewater Quality and Quantity Estimation

Module 8: Municipal Wastewater Collection and Treatment Philosophy
Lecture 18: Layout and Design of Municipal Sewers
       Lecture 19: Sewer Appurtenances, Sump-well and Sewage Pumping  
Lecture 20: Wastewater Treatment Philosophy

Module 9: Preliminary and Primary Wastewater Treatment
   Lecture 21: Bar Rack/Screens and Equalization Tank Design
       Lecture 22: Grit Chamber and Primary Sedimentation Tank Design

Module 10: Secondary Wastewater Treatment
Lecture 23: Fundamentals of Applied Microbiology
       Lecture 24: Activated Sludge Process Description
       Lecture 25: Design of Activated Sludge Systems
       Lecture 26: Design of Activated Sludge Systems
       Lecture 27: Aerator Design for Activated Sludge Process
       Lecture 28: Trickling Filter Fundamentals and Design
       Lecture 29: Other Aerobic Treatment Systems
       Lecture 30: Anaerobic Treatment Fundamentals
       Lecture 31: Design of Anaerobic Reactors
       Lecture 32: Design of UASB Reactors

Module 11: Tertiary and Advanced Treatment
      Lecture 33: Nitrification: Process Description and Design
       Lecture 34: Denitrification: Process Description and Design
       Lecture 35: Phosphorus Removal and Other Advanced Treatment

Module 12: Residuals Management
Lecture 36: Fundamentals of Residual Management
        Lecture 37: Residual Management Process Design

Module 13: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Details
  Lecture 38: Siting and Hydraulics of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Module 14: Treated Effluent Disposal
        Lecture 39: Treated Effluent Discharge, Reuse and Recycling

Module 15: Natural Methods of Wastewater Treatment
       Lecture 40: Oxidation, Facultative and Anaerobic Ponds
        Lecture 41: Phyto-Remediation and Root-Zone Treatment

Module 16: Hygiene and Sanitation in Rural/Semi-Rural Areas
Lecture 42: Septic Tanks, Soak Pits, Cesspools, Dry Latrines