Objective & Overview

This web course on "Soil Mechanics" is meant to be an additional learning resource for undergraduate students of Civil Engineering , and is not intended to be as voluminous as a textbook. It encourages the current trend of integrating e-learning with the usual teaching approach that includes classroom lectures, assignments, and laboratory hands-on experiments. Students may enjoy the experience of being in a community of learners without face-to-face interaction with the instructor.

The course introduces the basic principles of engineering behaviour of soils, and by the end of this course students should be able to:

•  Give an engineering classification of a given soil.

  Understand the principle of effective stress, and then calculate stresses that influence soil behaviour.

•  Calculate water flow through ground, and understand the effects of seepage on the stability of structures.

•  Determine soil deformation parameters, and calculate settlement magnitude and rate of settlement.

•  Appreciate the difference between total and effective stress approaches in soil strength determination , and discriminate between drained and undrained conditions.

•  Specify soil compaction requirements.

•  Conduct laboratory tests, and obtain soil properties and parameters from the test observations and results.



Faculty: Dr B. Singh

Email Id: baleshwar[*AT]iitg.ernet.in