The main objective of this course is to introduce the undergraduate students to Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations because Technology we rely on requires Scientists and Engineers to understand these topics. Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations are widely used in the fields of Science and Technology . In contrast with Calculus , students are novice in learning Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations at the undergraduate level. Realizing this fact, these topics of Applied Mathematics are kept among the main ingredients of Engineering Mathematics .


Faculty: Dr.Guru Prem Prasad.
Email Id: mgpp[*AT]iitg.ernet.in


This course has been designed as a compulsory course for undergraduate students. It mainly consists of complex analysis , partial differential equations and basic transforms .

Through this course one can learn about:


•  Functions of one complex variable

•  Differentiation of complex functions, comparison between differentiation of and

•  Representing complex functions by power series

•  Complex integration

•  Singularities and residues

•  Evaluating real integrals using contour integration

•  Conformal mappings and its applications

•  Second Order Partial Differential Equations (PDEs)

•  Hyperbolic equations (ie. Wave equation)

•  Parabolic equations (ie. Heat equation)

•  Elliptic equations (ie. Laplace equation)

•  Fourier and Laplace transforms, and their applications to PDEs.


   Email Id:durga[*AT]iitg.ernet.in