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2NBA AccreditationDownload
3Outcome Based EducationDownload
4Self Assessment ReportDownload
5Education, Teaching, Learning, Instruction, and AssessmentDownload
6PEOs and POs (1-5)Download
7A) POs 6-9)Download
8B) POs 10-12)Download
10Taxonomy of LearningDownload
11Cognitive Processes 1Download
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19Tagging Course OutcomesDownload
20Computing Attainment of COsDownload
21Computing PO and PSO AttainmentDownload
22“Course Design” Component of Teaching as per Fink’s ModelDownload
23ISD and ADDIE ModelsDownload
24ADDIE - Analysis Phase 1Download
25ADDIE - Analysis Phase 2Download

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2NBA AccreditationDownload
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3Outcome Based EducationDownload
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4Self Assessment ReportDownload
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5Education, Teaching, Learning, Instruction, and AssessmentDownload
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6PEOs and POs (1-5)PDF unavailable
7A) POs 6-9)PDF unavailable
8B) POs 10-12)PDF unavailable
9PSOsPDF unavailable
10Taxonomy of LearningPDF unavailable
11Cognitive Processes 1PDF unavailable
12Cognitive Processes 2PDF unavailable
13Categories of Knowledge 1PDF unavailable
14Categories of Knowledge 2PDF unavailable
15Taxonomy TablePDF unavailable
16Affective and Psychomotor DomainsPDF unavailable
17Course Outcomes 1PDF unavailable
18Course Outcomes 2PDF unavailable
19Tagging Course OutcomesPDF unavailable
20Computing Attainment of COsPDF unavailable
21Computing PO and PSO AttainmentPDF unavailable
22“Course Design” Component of Teaching as per Fink’s ModelPDF unavailable
23ISD and ADDIE ModelsPDF unavailable
24ADDIE - Analysis Phase 1PDF unavailable
25ADDIE - Analysis Phase 2PDF unavailable

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