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1Lec 1: Food Microbiology: Microbial Growth and Concerns in Various FoodsDownloadPDF unavailable
2Lec 2: Blanching, Pasteurization, Ultra-pasteurization, Hot fill and UHTDownloadPDF unavailable
3Lec 3: Thermal processing equipmentDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lec 4: Milk pasteurizationDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lec 5: Canning operationsDownloadPDF unavailable
6Lec 6: Temperature distribution and heat penetrationDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lec 7: Kinetics of reactionsDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lec 8: F value and process requirementsDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lec 9: Quality considerations and process optimizationDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lec 10: Shelf life studiesDownloadPDF unavailable
11Lec 11: Validation of heat processesDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lec 12: Fundamentals of aseptic processingDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lec 13 : Aseptic equipment designDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lec 14 : Aseptic process designDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lec 15: Microwave and radio frequency heatingDownloadPDF unavailable
16Lec 16: Ohmic heatingDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lec 17: Overview of non-thermal processing technologiesDownloadPDF unavailable
18Lec 18: Advanced separation processes DownloadPDF unavailable
19Lec 19: High pressure dialysis, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosisDownloadPDF unavailable
20Lec 20: Nanofiltration, electrodialysis and membrane separationDownloadPDF unavailable
21Lec 21: Various types of heat exchangers for food process engineeringDownloadPDF unavailable
22Lec 22: Various types of driers for food process engineeringDownloadPDF unavailable