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1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Malus law & Superposition of waysPDF unavailable
3Double Refraction PDF unavailable
4Interference of polarized lightPDF unavailable
5Optical Activity PDF unavailable
6Introduction.PDF unavailable
7Stationary Waves & Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction PDF unavailable
8UltrasonicsPDF unavailable
9Acoustics of Buildings - Part I PDF unavailable
10Acoustics of Buildings - Part IIPDF unavailable
11Interference of light Part-1PDF unavailable
12Interference of light Part-2PDF unavailable
13Interference of light Part-3PDF unavailable
14Interference by Division of Wave front PDF unavailable
15Interference by Division of Amplitude PDF unavailable
16Coherence and Application of InterferencePDF unavailable
17Diffraction Part-01PDF unavailable
18Diffraction Part-02PDF unavailable
19Diffraction Part-03PDF unavailable
20Diffraction by a circular aperture PDF unavailable
21Kinetic theory of gases- part 01PDF unavailable
22Kinetic theory of gases- part 02PDF unavailable
23Maxwellian distribution law of velocity -part 01PDF unavailable
24Maxwellian distribution law of velocity -part 02PDF unavailable
25Maxwellian distribution law of velocity -part 03PDF unavailable
26Vanderwaal's equation of states-part01PDF unavailable
27Vanderwaal's equation of states-part02PDF unavailable
28Vanderwaal's equation of states-part03PDF unavailable
29Fluid Mechanics-part01PDF unavailable
30Fluid Mechanics-part02PDF unavailable
31Introduction of special relativity PDF unavailable
32Consequences of special relativity-1PDF unavailable
33Consequences of special relativity-2PDF unavailable
34Consequences of special relativity-3PDF unavailable
35Consequences of special relativity-4PDF unavailable
36Consequences of special relativity-5PDF unavailable
37Introduction..PDF unavailable
38Image formation by lenses PDF unavailable
39 Lens aberrations - Part IPDF unavailable
40Lens aberrations - Part IIPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
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5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
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