Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Introducing Municipal Solid Waste ManagementLearning Activitylearning activity138 kb
Waste Generation AspectsLearning Activitylearning activity126 kb
Waste Collection, Storage and TransportLearning Activitylearning activity164 kb
Waste DisposalLearning Activitylearning activity120 kb
Waste Processing TechniquesLearning ActivityLearning Activity122 kb
Source Reduction, Product Recovery and RecyclingLearning ActivityLearning Activity129 kb
Recovery of Biological Conversion Products: Compost and BiogasLearning ActivityLearning Activity113 kb
Incineration and Energy RecoveryLearning ActivityLearning Activity111 kb
Hazardour Waste: Management and TreatmentLearning ActivityLearning Activity119 kb
Integrated Waste Management ( IWM)Learning ActivityLearning Activity107 kb