Modules / Lectures
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Week 1: Introductory Concepts IAssignment-1Assignment-1275 kb
Week 2: Introductory Concepts VAssignment-2Assignment-24000 kb
Week 3: Fourier Series IAssignment-3Assignment-3155 kb
Week 4: Fourier Series IVAssignment-4Assignment-4193 kb
Week5: Fourier Series VIIAssignment-5Assignment-5183 kb
Week 6: Fourier Transform IIIAssignment-6Assignment-6151 kb
Week 7: Fourier Transform VIAssignment-7Assignment-7191 kb
Week 8 - Fourier Transform IXAssignment-8Assignment-8177 kb
Week 9: Laplace Transform IIIAssignment-9Assignment-9114 kb
Week 10: Laplace Transform VIIAssignment-10Assignment-10128 kb
Week 11: Application of Laplace Transforms IAssignment-11Assignment-11384 kb
Week 12: Application of Laplace Transforms IVAssignment-12Assignment-12125 kb