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1Functions in circuits - constant and sinusoidal functionsPDF unavailable
2Functions in circuits - Exponential functionPDF unavailable
3Complex numbers and other topicsPDF unavailable
4Systems, Signals, NetworksPDF unavailable
5Representation and Classification of SystemsPDF unavailable
6Linear systemsPDF unavailable
7Time-invariance and causalityPDF unavailable
8Signals, Elementary continuous signalsPDF unavailable
9Complex frequencies of signalsPDF unavailable
10Discontinuous signals - step, rampPDF unavailable
11Unit impulse or delta functionPDF unavailable
12Basic discrete-time signalsPDF unavailable
13Examples of SignalsPDF unavailable
14Introduction to Systems, Complementary Functions, Initial ConditionsPDF unavailable
15Special initial conditionsPDF unavailable
16Characterization of a linear systemPDF unavailable
17Impulse ResponsePDF unavailable
18Evaluating the Convolution IntegralPDF unavailable
19Worked-out ProblemsPDF unavailable
20Introduction and MotivationPDF unavailable
21Evaluating Fourier series coefficientsPDF unavailable
22Symmetry conditionsPDF unavailable
23Symmetry Condition ExamplesPDF unavailable
24Application to Network AnalysisPDF unavailable
25Exponential Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
26Frequency SpectrumPDF unavailable
27ExamplesPDF unavailable
28Signal Power and Related IdeasPDF unavailable
29Convergence of Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
30Week 1 SolutionsPDF unavailable
31Hints for Assignment 2PDF unavailable
32Hints for Assignment 3PDF unavailable
33Additional Properties of Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
34Exercises on Fourier SeriesPDF unavailable
35Lab DemoPDF unavailable
36From Fourier Series to Fourier TransformPDF unavailable
37Continuous Time Fourier TransformPDF unavailable
38Fourier Transform ExamplesPDF unavailable
39Examples and Some Properties of Fourier TransformPDF unavailable
40Properties of Fourier Transform (contd.)PDF unavailable
41More Fourier Transform PropertiesPDF unavailable
42Energy ConsiderationsPDF unavailable
43Energy Considerations IIPDF unavailable
44Helpful Relationships for Inverse Fourier TransformPDF unavailable
45Fourier transform of signals that are not absolutely integrablePDF unavailable
46Fourier Transform of Periodic Signals, Unit Step and Signum FunctionPDF unavailable
47Truncated Sine wave and Convolution propertiesPDF unavailable
48Integration in Time domainPDF unavailable
49Application of continuous-time Fourier transform to system analysisPDF unavailable
50Comments about transient analysisPDF unavailable
51Sampling Theorem and Exercises on Fourier TransformsPDF unavailable
52Introduction to Laplace TransformPDF unavailable
53Laplace transforms of important functionsPDF unavailable
54Recap, Poles / Zeros and Laplace Transform NotationPDF unavailable
55Properties: Linearity, differentiation in the time domainPDF unavailable
56Application and properties of Laplace transformPDF unavailable
57More properties of Laplace transform: Shift in frequency domainPDF unavailable
58More properties of Laplace transformPDF unavailable
59Properties: Division by `t, Initial value theorem, Final value theoremPDF unavailable
60Properties: Convolution in time domainPDF unavailable
61Complex convolution and periodic functionsPDF unavailable
62Examples of Laplace transformPDF unavailable
63Laplace transform examplesPDF unavailable
64Inverse Laplace transformPDF unavailable
65Partial fractions: general casePDF unavailable
66Inverse Laplace Transform and Contour IntegrationPDF unavailable
67Relating Fourier and Laplace TransformPDF unavailable
68ExercisesPDF unavailable
69Applications of Laplace transform to network transientsPDF unavailable
70Laplace transform for resistor and system analysisPDF unavailable
71Laplace transform method for mutual inductancePDF unavailable
72Mutual Inductance ContinuedPDF unavailable
73Examples and Advantages of L-transformPDF unavailable
74General LTI systems and more about H(s)PDF unavailable
75Many facets of the system function (contd)PDF unavailable
76Frequency response and stabilityPDF unavailable
77Full circuit examplePDF unavailable
78Exercises.PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available