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1Feedback TheoryDownload
2Negative FeedbackDownload
3Negative FeedbackDownload
5h and g Negative FeedbackDownload
6g Feedback with MosfetDownload
7Operational Amplifier in Negative FeedbackDownload
8Operational Amplifier in Negative FeedbackDownload
9Positive Feedback (Regenerative)Download
10Experimental DemonstrationDownload
11Instrumentation AmplifiersDownload
12Active FiltersDownload
13Simulation of Harmonic OscillatorsDownload
16Frequency Compensation in Negative FeedbackDownload
17Frequency CompensationDownload
18Wideband (video) AmplifiersDownload
19Wideband AmplifiersDownload
20ICs For Video And Tuned Amplifier ApplicationsDownload
21Power AmplifierDownload
22Power AmplifierDownload
23Class B and C Power AmplifiersDownload
24Class-B Power Amplifier Load and DriveDownload
25Control CircuitsDownload
26Voltage RegulatorsDownload
27Voltage RegulatorsDownload
28Voltage RegulatorsDownload
30Analog Multipliers (Modems & Mixers)Download
31Log-Antilog MultipliersDownload
36Experimental DemonstrationDownload
37PLL (Phase Locked Loop)Download
38PLL(Phase Locked Loop)Download
39Lock Range Capture Range and FSK and FMDownload

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1Feedback TheoryPDF unavailable
2Negative FeedbackPDF unavailable
3Negative FeedbackPDF unavailable
4Y-FeedbackPDF unavailable
5h and g Negative FeedbackPDF unavailable
6g Feedback with MosfetPDF unavailable
7Operational Amplifier in Negative FeedbackPDF unavailable
8Operational Amplifier in Negative FeedbackPDF unavailable
9Positive Feedback (Regenerative)PDF unavailable
10Experimental DemonstrationPDF unavailable
11Instrumentation AmplifiersPDF unavailable
12Active FiltersPDF unavailable
13Simulation of Harmonic OscillatorsPDF unavailable
14OscillatorsPDF unavailable
15OscillatorsPDF unavailable
16Frequency Compensation in Negative FeedbackPDF unavailable
17Frequency CompensationPDF unavailable
18Wideband (video) AmplifiersPDF unavailable
19Wideband AmplifiersPDF unavailable
20ICs For Video And Tuned Amplifier ApplicationsPDF unavailable
21Power AmplifierPDF unavailable
22Power AmplifierPDF unavailable
23Class B and C Power AmplifiersPDF unavailable
24Class-B Power Amplifier Load and DrivePDF unavailable
25Control CircuitsPDF unavailable
26Voltage RegulatorsPDF unavailable
27Voltage RegulatorsPDF unavailable
28Voltage RegulatorsPDF unavailable
29ConvertorsPDF unavailable
30Analog Multipliers (Modems & Mixers)PDF unavailable
31Log-Antilog MultipliersPDF unavailable
32MultipliersPDF unavailable
33MultipliersPDF unavailable
34AGC/AVCPDF unavailable
35AGC/AVCPDF unavailable
36Experimental DemonstrationPDF unavailable
37PLL (Phase Locked Loop)PDF unavailable
38PLL(Phase Locked Loop)PDF unavailable
39Lock Range Capture Range and FSK and FMPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available