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Multimedia SystemsIntroduction to Multimedia Systems and ProcessingPDF0.216 kb
Lossless Image Compression SystemsImage Compression SystemsPDF0.378 kb
Lossless Image Compression SystemsLossless Compression: Huffman CodingPDF0.217 kb
Lossless Image Compression SystemsArithmetic and Lempel-Ziv CodingPDF0.114 kb
Lossless Image Compression SystemsOther Coding TechniquesPDF0.168 kb
Lossy Image Compression SystemsTheory of QuantizationPDF0.163 kb
Lossy Image Compression SystemsDelta Modulation and DPCMPDF0.326 kb
Lossy Image Compression SystemsTransform Coding & K-L TransformsPDF0.226 kb
Lossy Image Compression SystemsDiscrete Cosine TransformsPDF0.209 kb
Multi-Resolution AnalysisTheory of WaveletsPDF0.305 kb
Multi-Resolution AnalysisMulti-resolution Analysis: Theory of Subband CodingPDF0.364 kb
Multi-Resolution AnalysisMulti-resolution Analysis: Discrete Wavelet TransformsPDF0.348 kb
Embedded Wavelet CodingZerotree ApproachPDF0.196 kb
Embedded Wavelet CodingSPIHT algorithmPDF0.189 kb
Embedded Wavelet CodingEBCOT AlgorithmPDF0.3 kb
Still Image Compression StandardsStill Image Compression Standards: JBIG and JPEGPDF0.236 kb
Still Image Compression StandardsJPEG-2000 ? Architecture and FeaturesPDF0.191 kb
Still Image Compression StandardsJPEG-2000 ? Region of Interests CodingPDF0.228 kb
Still Image Compression StandardsJPEG-2000? Error ResiliencyPDF0.117 kb
Video Coding And Motion EstimationBasic Building Blocks & Temporal RedundancyPDF0.153 kb
Video Coding And Motion EstimationBlock based motion estimation algorithmsPDF0.139 kb
Video Coding And Motion EstimationOther fast search motion estimation algorithmsPDF0.23 kb
Video Coding StandardsMPEG-1 standardsPDF0.192 kb
Video Coding StandardsMPEG-2 StandardPDF0.203 kb
Video Coding StandardsMPEG-4 StandardPDF0.305 kb
Video Coding StandardsH.261 andH.263 StandardsPDF0.292 kb
Video Coding StandardsH.264 standardPDF0.43 kb
Audio CodingBasic of Audio CodingPDF0.195 kb
Audio CodingTransform and Filter banksPDF0.252 kb
Audio CodingPolyphase filter implementationPDF0.24 kb
Audio CodingFormat and encodingPDF0.128 kb
Audio CodingPsychoacoustic ModelsPDF0.091 kb
Multimedia SynchronizationBasic definitions and requirementsPDF0.066 kb
Multimedia SynchronizationReferences Model and SpecificationPDF0.089 kb
Multimedia SynchronizationTime stamping and pack architecturePDF0.179 kb
Multimedia SynchronizationPacket architectures and audio-video interleavingPDF0.106 kb
Multimedia SynchronizationPlayback continuityPDF0.113 kb
Video Indexing And RetrievalBasics of content based image retrievalPDF0.074 kb
Video Indexing And RetrievalVideo Content RepresentationPDF0.178 kb
Video Indexing And RetrievalVideo Sequence Query ProcessingPDF0.164 kb
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