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Module1Lec01Lec013894 kb
Module1Lec02Lec024086 kb
Module1Lec03Lec035022 kb
Module1Lec04Lec044251 kb
Module1Lec05Lec056127 kb
Module1Lec06Lec066536 kb
Module1Lec07Lec076106 kb
Module1Lec08Lec084250 kb
Module1Lec09Lec096536 kb
Module1Lec10Lec104562 kb
Module1Lec11Lec115407 kb
Module1Lec12Lec123961 kb
Module1Lec13Lec135105 kb
Module1Lec14Lec143539 kb
Module1Lec15Lec154652 kb
Module1Lec16Lec163141 kb
Module1Lec17Lec173115 kb
Module1Lec18Lec184313 kb
Module1Lec19Lec193516 kb
Module1Lec20Lec203902 kb
Module1Lec21Lec213951 kb
Module1Lec22Lec225506 kb
Module1Lec23Lec233926 kb
Module1Lec24Lec246307 kb
Module1Lec25Lec252067 kb
Module1Lec26Lec264867 kb
Module1Lec27Lec275533 kb
Module1Lec28Lec285447 kb
Module1Lec29Lec294832 kb
Module1Lec32Lec324534 kb
Module1Lec33Lec333940 kb
Module1Lec34Lec346606 kb
Module1Lec35Lec354061 kb
Module1Lec36Lec364627 kb
Module1Lec37Lec375526 kb
Module1Lec38Lec382594 kb
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Module1Lec1Lec13880 kb
Module1Lec2lec24072 kb
Module1Lec3lec35002 kb
Module1Lec4lec44233 kb
Module1Lec5lec56101 kb
Module1Lec6lec66510 kb
Module1Lec7lec76081 kb
Module1Lec8lec84233 kb
Module1Lec9lec96510 kb
Module1Lec10lec104543 kb
Module1Lec11lec115385 kb
Module1Lec12lec123946 kb
Module1Lec13lec135085 kb
Module1Lec14lec143525 kb
Module1Lec15lec154634 kb
Module1Lec16lec163128 kb
Module1Lec17lec173102 kb
Module1Lec18lec184296 kb
Module1Lec19lec193502 kb
Module1Lec20lec203886 kb
Module1Lec21lec213936 kb
Module1Lec22lec225485 kb
Module1Lec23lec233911 kb
Module1Lec24lec246282 kb
Module1Lec25lec253682 kb
Module1Lec 26lec264848 kb
Module1Lec 27lec 275511 kb
Module1Lec28lec285426 kb
Module1Lec29lec294812 kb
Module1Lec30lec304518 kb
Module1Lec31lec314095 kb
Module1Lec32lec323380 kb
Module1Lec33lec333926 kb
Module1Lec34lec346584 kb
Module1Lec35lec354047 kb
Module1Lec36lec364611 kb
Module1Lec37lec375506 kb
Module1Lec38lec382584 kb

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1L1-IntroductionPDF unavailable
2L2-Basics of LightPDF unavailable
3L3-Ray Model -IPDF unavailable
4L4-Ray Model -IIPDF unavailable
5L5-Wave Model-IPDF unavailable
6L6-Wave Model-IIPDF unavailable
7L7-Wave Model-IIIPDF unavailable
8L8-Signal Distortion - IPDF unavailable
9L9-Signal Distortion - IIPDF unavailable
10L10-Signal Distortion - IIIPDF unavailable
11L11-Practical issues in Implementation of Fiber linkPDF unavailable
12L12-Optical SourcesPDF unavailable
13L13-Light Emitting Diodes -IPDF unavailable
14L14-Light Emitting Diodes -IIPDF unavailable
15L15-Laser - IPDF unavailable
16L16-Laser - IIPDF unavailable
17L17-Laser - IIIPDF unavailable
18L18-Laser - IVPDF unavailable
19L19-Laser - V + Photon DetectorPDF unavailable
20L20-Photo Diodes and Detector NoisePDF unavailable
21L21-Photo DetectorPDF unavailable
22L22-Optical Receivers - IPDF unavailable
23L23-Optical Receivers - IIPDF unavailable
24L24-Receiver Sensitivity DegradationPDF unavailable
25L25-Fiber Optic Link DesignPDF unavailable
26L26-Wavelength Division Multiplexed SystemsPDF unavailable
27L27-EDFAPDF unavailable
28L28-Integrated Optics - IPDF unavailable
29L29-Integrated Optics - IIPDF unavailable
30L30-Tutorials -IPDF unavailable
31L31-Tutorials -IIPDF unavailable
32L32-Introduction to Non-Linear Fiber OpticsPDF unavailable
33L33-Non-linear Schrodinger EquationPDF unavailable
34L34-Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD)PDF unavailable
35L35-Self Phase Modulation (SPM)PDF unavailable
36L36-Solitonic CommunicationPDF unavailable
37L37-Raman AmplifierPDF unavailable
38L38-Cross Phase Modulation and four wave mixingPDF unavailable
39L39-Laboratory Experiments -IPDF unavailable
40L40-Laboratory Experiments -IIPDF unavailable
41L41-Laboratory Experiments -IIIPDF unavailable

Sl.No Language Book link
1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available