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Textile effluentLecture1.pdfPdf Of lecture1283 kb
Textile effluentlecture2.pdfpdf of lecture2106 kb
Textile effluentlecture3.pdfpdf of lecture3147 kb
Textile effluentlecture4.pdfpdf of lecture4406 kb
Textile effluentlecture5.pdfpdf of lecture5118 kb
Effluent Treatment Technologieslecture6.pdfpdf of lecture6121 kb
Effluent Treatment Technologieslecture7.pdfpdf of lecture7341 kb
Effluent Treatment Technologieslecture8.pdfpdf of lecture8401 kb
Effluent Treatment Technologieslecture9.pdfpdf of lecture996 kb
Effluent Treatment Technologieslecture10.pdfpdf of lecture10808 kb
Desizinglecture11.pdfpdf of lecture1194 kb
Desizinglecture12.pdfpdf of lecture12493 kb
Desizinglecture13.pdfpdf of lecture13104 kb
Filtration Technologieslecture14.pdfpdf of lecture14391 kb
Filtration Technologieslecture15.pdfpdf of lecture15157 kb
Filtration Technologieslecture16.pdfpdf of lecture16.pdf128 kb
Filtration Technologieslecture17.pdfpdf of lecture17103 kb
Color removal Technologieslecture18.pdfpdf of lecture18142 kb
Color removal Technologieslecture19.pdfpdf of lecture19140 kb
Color removal Technologieslecture20.pdfpdf of lecture20125 kb
A Case Studylecture21.pdfpdf of lecture21247 kb
A Case Studylecture22.pdfpdf of lecture22118 kb
A Case Studylecture23.pdfpdf of lecture23121 kb
Primary treatment of textile effluentslecture24.pdfpdf of lecture241034 kb
Primary treatment of textile effluentslecture25.pdfpdf of lecture25275 kb
Primary treatment of textile effluentslecture26.pdfpdf of lecture26108 kb
Primary treatment of textile effluentslecture27.pdfpdf of lecture2792 kb
Primary treatment of textile effluentslecture28.pdfpdf of lecture28104 kb
Primary treatment of textile effluentslecture29.pdfpdf of lecture29287 kb
Textile Sludgelecture30.pdfpdf of lecture30177 kb
Textile Sludgelecture31.pdfpdf of lecture31101 kb
Textile Sludgelecture32.pdfpdf of lecture32135 kb
Textile Sludgelecture33.pdfpdf of lecture33135 kb
Textile Sludgelecture34.pdfpdf of lecture34101 kb
Textile Sludgelecture35.pdfpdf of lecture35108 kb
Remediation of Textile effluentlecture36.pdfpdf of lecture36119 kb
Remediation of Textile effluentlecture37.pdfpdf of lecture37112 kb
Remediation of Textile effluentlecture38.pdfpdf of lecture38104 kb
Remediation of Textile effluentlecture39.pdfpdf of lecture39113 kb
Remediation of Textile effluentlecture40.pdfpdf of lecture40198 kb
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Textile effluentAssingmentpdf of Assingment58 kb
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Textile effluentreferencespdf of references57 kb