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Module12STiCM-Assignment-1STiCM-Assignment-1271 kb
Module12STiCM-Assignment-2STiCM-Assignment-2244 kb
Module12STiCM-Assignment-3STiCM-Assignment-3335 kb
Module12STiCM-Assignment-4STiCM-Assignment-4164 kb
Module12STiCM-Assignment-5STiCM-Assignment-5255 kb

New Assignments
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Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-1-QuestionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-1-Questions314 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-1-SolutionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-1-Solutions220 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-2-QuestionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-2-Questions279 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-2-SolutionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-2-Solutions488 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-3-QuestionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-3-Questions562 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-3-SolutionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-3-Solutions609 kb
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Module12Unit 00 L01 STiCM overviewIntroduction to Select/Special Topics in Classical Mechanics1431 kb
Module12Unit 01 L 02 to L06 - Equations of MotionUnit 1 Equations of Motion1575 kb
Module12Unit 02 L 07 to L10 - Oscillators Resonances WavesUnit 2 Oscillations2543 kb
Module12Unit 03 L 11 to L12 - Polar CoordinatesPlane polar & Cylindrical Polar Coordinates (Vectors)1874 kb
Module12Unit 04 L 13 to L14 -Dynamical Symmetry in the Kepler ProblemKepler-Laplace-Runge-Lenz-Symmetry1539 kb
Module12Unit 05 L15 to L18 - Real Effects of Pseudo-ForcesNon-Inertial Frames of Reference3390 kb
Module12Unit 06 L19 to L22 - Special Theory of RelativitySpecial Theory of Relativity2862 kb
Module12Unit 07 L23 to L25 - Potentials Gradients FieldsUnit 8 Potentials Gradients Fields2507 kb
Module12Unit 08 L26 to L28 - Gauss Law Eq of ContinuityGauss Law Equation of Continuity1927 kb
Module12Unit 09 L29 to L30 - Fluid Flow Bernoulli PrincipleUnit 10 Fluid Flow Bernoulli Principle1612 kb
Module12Unit 10 L31 to L34 - Classical ElectrodynamicsClassical Electrodynamics1408 kb
Module12Unit 11 L35 to L39 - Chaotic Dynamical SystemsChaotic Dynamical Systems2767 kb
Module12Unit 12 L40 The scope, and limtations, of Classical MechanicsNon-Inertial Frames of Reference2027 kb