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1Simple Harmonic MotionDownload
2Superposition of Oscillations : BeatsDownload
3Superposition of Oscillations : Beats Download
4Superposition of Oscillations : Lissajous FiguresDownload
5Simple Harmonic Motion : ProblemsDownload
6Damped oscillator : Part 1Download
7Damped oscillator : Part 2Download
8"Damped oscillator and Q-factor "Download
9Damped oscillator : ProblemsDownload
10Forced oscillator : Part 1Download
11Forced oscillator : Part 2Download
13Q-factor of forced oscillatorDownload
14Applications of forced oscillatorDownload
15Forced oscillator : ProblemsDownload
16Coupled Oscillations : Part 1Download
17Coupled Oscillations : Part 2Download
18Solving for normal modesDownload
19Coupled oscillations : More examplesDownload
20Coupled oscillator : ProblemsDownload
21Coupled Oscillations of Loaded StringDownload
22Solutions for Loaded StringDownload
23Oscillations of Loaded String Download
24Continuum Limit of Loaded StringDownload
25Wave equation and its solutionsDownload
26Wave equation : impedance and velocitiesDownload
27Standing wavesDownload
28Transverse waves in periodic structuresDownload
29Wave equation : ProblemsDownload
30Reflection and transmission of wavesDownload
31Impedance matchingDownload
32Energy of vibrating stringDownload
33Dispersion of wavesDownload
34Bandwidth theorem and problemsDownload
35Longitudnal Waves and Speed of SoundDownload
36Longitudnal Standing Waves Download
37Sound IntensityDownload
38Longitudnal Waves: ProblemsDownload
39Fourier Series: Part 1Download
40Fourier Series: Part 2Download
41Fourier Series and Energy of Vibrating StringDownload
42Frequency Spectrum and Fourier TransformsDownload
43Fourier Series: ProblemsDownload
44Waves in Optical SystemsDownload
45Waves in Optical Systems: Applying Fermat's PrincipleDownload
46Waves in Optical Systems: Thin LensDownload
47Waves in Optical Systems: Matrix MethodDownload
48Waves in Optical Systems: ProblemsDownload
49Interference: Part 1Download
50Interference: Newton's ringsDownload
51Michelson and Fabry-Perot InterferometersDownload
52Young's Double Slit ExperimentDownload
54Beyond Linear Oscillators: Non-linear PendulumDownload
55Beyond Linear Oscillators: Forced OscillatorDownload
56Beyond Linear Oscillators: Chaotic OscillatorDownload
57Beyond Linear Waves: Solitary WavesDownload
58Waves in Quantum Mechanics and SummaryDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Simple Harmonic MotionPDF unavailable
2Superposition of Oscillations : BeatsPDF unavailable
3Superposition of Oscillations : Beats PDF unavailable
4Superposition of Oscillations : Lissajous FiguresPDF unavailable
5Simple Harmonic Motion : ProblemsPDF unavailable
6Damped oscillator : Part 1PDF unavailable
7Damped oscillator : Part 2PDF unavailable
8"Damped oscillator and Q-factor "PDF unavailable
9Damped oscillator : ProblemsPDF unavailable
10Forced oscillator : Part 1PDF unavailable
11Forced oscillator : Part 2PDF unavailable
12ResonancesPDF unavailable
13Q-factor of forced oscillatorPDF unavailable
14Applications of forced oscillatorPDF unavailable
15Forced oscillator : ProblemsPDF unavailable
16Coupled Oscillations : Part 1PDF unavailable
17Coupled Oscillations : Part 2PDF unavailable
18Solving for normal modesPDF unavailable
19Coupled oscillations : More examplesPDF unavailable
20Coupled oscillator : ProblemsPDF unavailable
21Coupled Oscillations of Loaded StringPDF unavailable
22Solutions for Loaded StringPDF unavailable
23Oscillations of Loaded String PDF unavailable
24Continuum Limit of Loaded StringPDF unavailable
25Wave equation and its solutionsPDF unavailable
26Wave equation : impedance and velocitiesPDF unavailable
27Standing wavesPDF unavailable
28Transverse waves in periodic structuresPDF unavailable
29Wave equation : ProblemsPDF unavailable
30Reflection and transmission of wavesPDF unavailable
31Impedance matchingPDF unavailable
32Energy of vibrating stringPDF unavailable
33Dispersion of wavesPDF unavailable
34Bandwidth theorem and problemsPDF unavailable
35Longitudnal Waves and Speed of SoundPDF unavailable
36Longitudnal Standing Waves PDF unavailable
37Sound IntensityPDF unavailable
38Longitudnal Waves: ProblemsPDF unavailable
39Fourier Series: Part 1PDF unavailable
40Fourier Series: Part 2PDF unavailable
41Fourier Series and Energy of Vibrating StringPDF unavailable
42Frequency Spectrum and Fourier TransformsPDF unavailable
43Fourier Series: ProblemsPDF unavailable
44Waves in Optical SystemsPDF unavailable
45Waves in Optical Systems: Applying Fermat's PrinciplePDF unavailable
46Waves in Optical Systems: Thin LensPDF unavailable
47Waves in Optical Systems: Matrix MethodPDF unavailable
48Waves in Optical Systems: ProblemsPDF unavailable
49Interference: Part 1PDF unavailable
50Interference: Newton's ringsPDF unavailable
51Michelson and Fabry-Perot InterferometersPDF unavailable
52Young's Double Slit ExperimentPDF unavailable
53DiffractionPDF unavailable
54Beyond Linear Oscillators: Non-linear PendulumPDF unavailable
55Beyond Linear Oscillators: Forced OscillatorPDF unavailable
56Beyond Linear Oscillators: Chaotic OscillatorPDF unavailable
57Beyond Linear Waves: Solitary WavesPDF unavailable
58Waves in Quantum Mechanics and SummaryPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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6MalayalamNot Available
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