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Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-1-QuestionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-1-Questions314 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-1-SolutionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-1-Solutions220 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-2-QuestionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-2-Questions279 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-2-SolutionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-2-Solutions488 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-3-QuestionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-3-Questions562 kb
Module12STiCM-Self-Assessment-3-SolutionsSTiCM-Self-Assessment-3-Solutions609 kb
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Module12Unit 00 L01 STiCM overviewIntroduction to Select/Special Topics in Classical Mechanics1431 kb
Module12Unit 01 L 02 to L06 - Equations of MotionUnit 1 Equations of Motion1575 kb
Module12Unit 02 L 07 to L10 - Oscillators Resonances WavesUnit 2 Oscillations2543 kb
Module12Unit 03 L 11 to L12 - Polar CoordinatesPlane polar & Cylindrical Polar Coordinates (Vectors)1874 kb
Module12Unit 04 L 13 to L14 -Dynamical Symmetry in the Kepler ProblemKepler-Laplace-Runge-Lenz-Symmetry1539 kb
Module12Unit 05 L15 to L18 - Real Effects of Pseudo-ForcesNon-Inertial Frames of Reference3390 kb
Module12Unit 06 L19 to L22 - Special Theory of RelativitySpecial Theory of Relativity2862 kb
Module12Unit 07 L23 to L25 - Potentials Gradients FieldsUnit 8 Potentials Gradients Fields2507 kb
Module12Unit 08 L26 to L28 - Gauss Law Eq of ContinuityGauss Law Equation of Continuity1927 kb
Module12Unit 09 L29 to L30 - Fluid Flow Bernoulli PrincipleUnit 10 Fluid Flow Bernoulli Principle1612 kb
Module12Unit 10 L31 to L34 - Classical ElectrodynamicsClassical Electrodynamics1408 kb
Module12Unit 11 L35 to L39 - Chaotic Dynamical SystemsChaotic Dynamical Systems2767 kb
Module12Unit 12 L40 The scope, and limtations, of Classical MechanicsNon-Inertial Frames of Reference2027 kb

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1Course OverviewPDF unavailable
2Equations of Motion(i)PDF unavailable
3Equations of Motion(ii)PDF unavailable
4 Equations of Motion(iii)PDF unavailable
5Equations of Motion(iv)PDF unavailable
6Equations of Motion(v)PDF unavailable
7Oscillators, Resonances, Waves(i)PDF unavailable
8Oscillators, Resonances, Waves(ii)PDF unavailable
9Oscillators, Resonances, Waves(iii)PDF unavailable
10Oscillators, Resonances, Waves(iv)PDF unavailable
11Polar Coordinates(i)PDF unavailable
12Polar Coordinates(ii)PDF unavailable
13Dynamical Symmetry in the Kepler Problem(i)PDF unavailable
14Dynamical Symmetry in the Kepler Problem(ii)PDF unavailable
15Real Effects of Pseudo-ForcesPDF unavailable
16Real Effects of Pseudo-Forces(ii)PDF unavailable
17Real Effects of Pseudo-Forces(iii)PDF unavailable
18Real Effects of Pseudo-Forces(iv)PDF unavailable
19Special Theory of Relativity(i)PDF unavailable
20Special Theory of Relativity(ii)PDF unavailable
21Special Theory of Relativity(iii)PDF unavailable
22Special Theory of Relativity(iv)PDF unavailable
23Potentials Gradients Fields(i)PDF unavailable
24Potentials Gradients Fields(ii)PDF unavailable
25Potentials Gradients Fields(iii)PDF unavailable
26Gauss Law Eq of continuity(i)PDF unavailable
27Gauss Law Eq of continuity(ii)PDF unavailable
28Gauss Law Eq of continuity(iii)PDF unavailable
29Fluid Flow Bernoulli Principle (i)PDF unavailable
30Fluid Flow Bernoulli Principle (ii)PDF unavailable
31Classical Electrodynamics (i)PDF unavailable
32Classical Electrodynamics (ii)PDF unavailable
33Classical Electrodynamics (iii)PDF unavailable
34Classical Electrodynamics (iv)PDF unavailable
35Chaotic Dynamical Systems (i)PDF unavailable
36Chaotic Dynamical Systems (ii)PDF unavailable
37Chaotic Dynamical Systems (iii)PDF unavailable
38Chaotic Dynamical Systems (iv)PDF unavailable
39Chaotic Dynamical Systems (v)PDF unavailable
40The Scope and Limitations of Classical MechanicsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available