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Introduction to Quantum MechanicsIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics

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1Black Body Radiation I - Relevant Definitions and Black Body as cavityPDF unavailable
2Black Body Radiation II- Intensity of radiation in terms of energy densityPDF unavailable
3Black Body Radiation III - Spectral energy density and radiation pressure inside a black body radiationPDF unavailable
4Black Body Radiation IV- Stephen's Boltzman lawPDF unavailable
5Black Body Radiation V - Wein's Displacement law and analysis for spectral densityPDF unavailable
6Black Body Radiation VI - Wein's distribution law and rayleigh - Jeans distribution lawPDF unavailable
7Black Body Radiation VII - Quantum Hypothesis and plank's distribution FormulaPDF unavailable
8Radiation as a collection of particles called photons PDF unavailable
9Quantum Hypothesis and specific heat of soildsPDF unavailable
10Bohr's Model of hydrogen spectrumPDF unavailable
11Wilson Sommerfeld quantum condition I - Harmonic oscillator and particle in a boxPDF unavailable
12Wilson Sommerfeld quantum condition II - Particle moving in a coulomb potential in a plane and related quantum numbers PDF unavailable
13Wilson Sommerfeld quantum condition III - Particle moving in a coulomb potential in 3D and related quantum numbers PDF unavailable
14Quantum conditions and atomic structure, electron spin and Pauli exclusion principlePDF unavailable
15Interaction of atoms with radiation : Eienstien's A and B coefficientsPDF unavailable
16Stimulated emmision and amplification of light in a LASERPDF unavailable
17Brief description of a LASER PDF unavailable
18Introduction to the correspondence principlePDF unavailable
19General nature of the correspondence principlePDF unavailable
20Selection rules (for transitions) through the correspondence principlePDF unavailable
21Applications of the correspondence principle : Einstiens A coefficient for the harmonic oscillator and the selection rules for atomic transitionsPDF unavailable
22Heisenberg's formulations of quantum mechanics : expressing kinetic variables as matricesPDF unavailable
23Heisenberg's formulation of quantum mechanics : the quantum conditionPDF unavailable
24Heisenberg's formulation of the quantum mechanics : Application to harmonic oscillatorPDF unavailable
25Brief introduction to matrix mechanics and the quantum condition in matrix formPDF unavailable
26Introduction to waves and wave equationPDF unavailable
27Sationary waves eigen values and eigen functionsPDF unavailable
28Matter waves and their experimental detectionPDF unavailable
29Represenating a moving paticle by a wave packetPDF unavailable
30Stationary-state Schrodinger equation and its solution for a particle in a boxPDF unavailable
31Solution of the stationary-state Schrodinger equation for a simple harmonic oscillator PDF unavailable
32Equivalance of Heisenberg and the Schrodinger formulations : Mathematical preliminariesPDF unavailable
33Equivalance of Heisenberg and Schrodinger formulations : The x and p operators and the quantum conditionPDF unavailable
34Born interpretation of the wavefunction and expectation values of x and p operatorsPDF unavailable
35Uncertainty principle and its simple applicationsPDF unavailable
36Time dependent Schrodinger equation the probability current density and the continuity equation for the probability densityPDF unavailable
37Ehrenfest theorem for the expectation values of x and p operatorsPDF unavailable
38Solution of Schrodinger equation for a particle in one and two delta function potentialsPDF unavailable
39Solution of Schrodinger equation for a particle in a finite well PDF unavailable
40Numerical solution of a one dimensional Schrodinger equation for bound states - IPDF unavailable
41Numerical solution of a one dimensional Schrodinger equation for bound states - IIPDF unavailable
42Reflection and transmission of particles across a potential barrier PDF unavailable
43Quantum-tunneling and its examples PDF unavailable
44Solution of the Schrodinger for free paticles and periodic boundary conditionsPDF unavailable
45Electrons in a metal : Density of states and Fermi energy PDF unavailable
46Schrodinger equation for particles in spherically symmetric potential, angular momentum operatorPDF unavailable
47Angular momentum operator and its eigenfunctionsPDF unavailable
48Equation for radial component of the wavefunction in spherically symmteric potentials and general properties of its solutionPDF unavailable
49Solution for radial component of the wavefunction for the hydrogen atom PDF unavailable
50Numerical solution for the radial component of wavefunction for spherically symmetric potentialsPDF unavailable
51Solution of the Schrodinger equation for one dimensional periodic potential : Bloch's theoremPDF unavailable
52Kroning-Penny model and energy bandsPDF unavailable
53Kroning-Penny model with periodic Dirac delta function and energy bandsPDF unavailable
54Discussion on bandsPDF unavailable
55Summary of the coursePDF unavailable

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