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1Lecture 1: Outline of the Course DownloadPDF unavailable
2Lecture 2: Basics of Crystal Structure DownloadPDF unavailable
3Lecture 3: Basics of Crystallography and BondingDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lecture 4: Arrangement of Atoms in Crystal Lattice DownloadPDF unavailable
5Lecture 5: Structure Formation: Ionic Solids DownloadPDF unavailable
6Lecture 6: Pauling's Rule and Crystal Structure of Ceramics DownloadPDF unavailable
7Lecture 7: Ceramic Materials: Crystal StructureDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lecture 8: Defect Chemistry DownloadPDF unavailable
9Lecture 9: Defect Chemistry: Non-Stoichiometric OxidesDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lecture 10: Concentration and Effect of Intrinsic ImpuritiesDownloadPDF unavailable
11Lecture 11: Intrinsic and Extrinsic DefectsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lecture 12: Defect Concentration: Non-Stoichiometric OxidesDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lecture 13: Intrinsic Ionization in Metal OxidesDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lecture 14: Brouwer's Diagram DownloadPDF unavailable
15Lecture 15: Introduction to DielectricsDownloadPDF unavailable
16Lecture16: Dielectric Displacement and Polarization MechanismDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lecture 17: Polarization Mechanisms DownloadPDF unavailable
18Lecture 18: Dielectric Polarizability-1DownloadPDF unavailable
19Lecture 19: Dielectric Polarizability-2DownloadPDF unavailable
20Lecture 20: Frequency Dependence of Dielectrics DownloadPDF unavailable
21Lecture 21: Losses in Dielectric Materials DownloadPDF unavailable
22Lecture 22: Frequency Dependence of Dielectric Constant DownloadPDF unavailable
23Lecture 23: Dipolar Relaxation DownloadPDF unavailable
24Lecture 24: Debye Equations for Dipolar RelaxationDownloadPDF unavailable
25Lecture 25: Impedance Spectroscopy DownloadPDF unavailable
26Lecture 26: Impedance Spectroscopy and Dielectric Breakdown DownloadPDF unavailable
27Lecture 27: Basics of Non-linear Dielectrics DownloadPDF unavailable
28Lecture 28: Piezoelectric Effect DownloadPDF unavailable
29Lecture 29: Pyroelectric Effect and Electrostriction DownloadPDF unavailable
30Lecture 30: Thermodynamics of Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric MaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
31Lecture 31: Basics of Ferroelectric MaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
32Lecture 32: Ferroelectric Phase TransitionsDownloadPDF unavailable
33Lecture 33: Thermodynamics of Phase Transition in FerroelectricsDownloadPDF unavailable
34Lecture 34: Second Order Phase Transition in Ferroelectric MaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
35Lecture 35: First Order Phase Transition in Ferroelectric MaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
36Lecture 36: Domain Walls in Ferroelectric Materials DownloadPDF unavailable
37Lecture 37- Domain Structure and Properties of Ferroelectric Materials DownloadPDF unavailable
38Lecture 38- Phase Diagram and Measurements of Ferroelectric MaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
39Lecture 39- Principal of Measurements and Applications of Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Materials DownloadPDF unavailable
40Lecture 40- Applications of Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric MaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable