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Unit-1Questions for Assignment-1 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-1 & their Solutions253 kb
Unit-2Questions for Assignment-2 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-2 & their Solutions114 kb
Unit-3Questions for Assignment-3 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-3 & their Solutions239 kb
Unit-4Questions for Assignment-4 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-4 & their Solutions374 kb
Unit-5Questions for Assignment-5 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-5 & their Solutions193 kb
Unit-6Questions for Assignment-6 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-6 & their Solutions513 kb
Unit-7Questions for Assignment-7 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-7 & their Solutions326 kb
Unit-8Questions for Assignment-8 & their SolutionsQuestions for Assignment-8 & their Solutions441 kb

New Assignments
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1Tribology & Its ClassificationDownloadPDF unavailable
2Friction Tribology DownloadPDF unavailable
3Wear & Corrosion DownloadPDF unavailable
4Lubrication DownloadPDF unavailable
5Effect of Tribology on Surface of NanomaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
6Conventional Surface EngineeringDownloadPDF unavailable
7Types of Surface ModificationsDownloadPDF unavailable
8Physical ModificationsDownloadPDF unavailable
9Chemical ModificationsDownloadPDF unavailable
10Applications of Surface Engineering towards NanomaterialsDownloadPDF unavailable
11Deposition and Surface Modification MethodsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)DownloadPDF unavailable
13Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)DownloadPDF unavailable
14Advanced Surface Modification PracticesDownloadPDF unavailable
15Advantages of Deposition for Surface ModificationDownloadPDF unavailable
16Synthesis, Processing and Characterization of Nano-structured CoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
17Functional CoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
18Advanced Coating PracticesDownloadPDF unavailable
19Characterization of Nano-coatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
20Applications of Nano-coatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
21Need of Advanced Methods for Surface & Coating TestingsDownloadPDF unavailable
22Size Dependency in Nanostructures of NanocoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
23Size Effect in Electrochemical Properties of Nanostructured CoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
24Size Effect in Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured CoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
25Size Effect in Physical and Other Properties of Nanostructured CoatingsDownloadPDF unavailable
26Thin Films for Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials DownloadPDF unavailable
27Sputtering TechniquesDownloadPDF unavailable
28Evaporation ProcessesDownloadPDF unavailable
29Thin Film Deposition through Gas Phase TechniquesDownloadPDF unavailable
30Liquid Phase TechniquesDownloadPDF unavailable
31Microencapsulation ProcessesDownloadPDF unavailable
32Microencapsulation: Kinetics of releaseDownloadPDF unavailable
33 Plating of Nanocomposite Coatings - I DownloadPDF unavailable
34 Plating of Nanocomposite Coatings - II DownloadPDF unavailable
35 Advantages of Microencapsulation over Other Conventional Methods DownloadPDF unavailable
36 Current Trends in Surface Modification of Nanomaterials (Part-1) DownloadPDF unavailable
37 Current Trends in Surface Modification of Nanomaterials (Part-2) DownloadPDF unavailable
38 Current Trends in Surface Modification of Nanomaterials (Part-3) DownloadPDF unavailable
39 Modified Nanomaterials: In-use for consumer products DownloadPDF unavailable
40 Main Problems in Synthesis of Modified Nanomaterials DownloadPDF unavailable