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1Introduction to the coursePDF unavailable
2 Heterogeneous equilibrium and Free energy FormalismPDF unavailable
3Concept of Chemical PotentialPDF unavailable
4 Phase Rule-IPDF unavailable
5Phase Rule-II and Single Component EquilibriaPDF unavailable
6Single Component Phase DiagramPDF unavailable
7Binary Phase Diagram -Isomorphous DiagramPDF unavailable
8 Binary Ispmorphous System PDF unavailable
9Solidification of Isomorphous AlloysPDF unavailable
10Free Energy of Binary Isomorphous Phase DiagramPDF unavailable
11Phase Diagram of Binary Eutectic Systems Edit LessonPDF unavailable
12Solidification of eutectic, hypo-eutectic & hyper-eutectic alloys & their morphologies IPDF unavailable
13Solidification of eutectic, hypo-eutectic & hyper-eutectic alloys & their morphologies IIPDF unavailable
14Phase diagrams of binary eutectic two terminal solid solutionPDF unavailable
15Phase diagrams of binary peritectic System-IPDF unavailable
16Phase diagrams of binary peritectic System-IIPDF unavailable
17Phase diagrams of binary peritectic System with intermediate phasesPDF unavailable
18Intermediate PhasesPDF unavailable
19Introduction to Monotectic Phase DiagramPDF unavailable
20Microstructural Evolution of Monotectic Phase DiagramPDF unavailable
21Free Energy Composition diagrams for Monotectic systems and Syntactic phase diagramPDF unavailable
22Quasichemical theory-IPDF unavailable
23Quasichemical theory-IIPDF unavailable
24Quasichemical theory_Free enegy formalismPDF unavailable
25Solid state reactionPDF unavailable
26Introduction to Iron-Carbon phase diagramPDF unavailable
27Eutectoid transformation in Iron-Carbon phase diagramPDF unavailable
28Austenite to pearlite transformation in Iron-Carbon phase diagram PDF unavailable
29Hypo-eutectoid steels PDF unavailable
30Pearlite TransformationPDF unavailable
31Martensite Transformation -IPDF unavailable
32Martensite Transformation -II PDF unavailable
33Tempering of MartensitePDF unavailable
34Bainite TransformationPDF unavailable
35TTT curves for SteelPDF unavailable
36Cast Iron - IPDF unavailable
37Cast Iron - IIPDF unavailable
38Ductile Iron & Nodular IronPDF unavailable
39Malleable Iron PDF unavailable
40Alloyed Cast IronPDF unavailable
41 Phase Diagram for different Solid State ReactionPDF unavailable
42Phase Diagram of Ceramic PDF unavailable
43Ternary Phase Diagram-IPDF unavailable
44Ternary Phase Diagram-IIPDF unavailable
45Ternary Phase Diagram and Tie Line Construction - IPDF unavailable
46Ternary Phase Diagram and Tie Line Construction - IIPDF unavailable
47Ternary Phase Diagram and Tie Line Construction - IIIPDF unavailable
48Ternary Isomorphous Phase DiagramPDF unavailable
49Ternary Three Phase Equilibria PDF unavailable
50Three Phase Equilibria in Ternary Systems - IPDF unavailable
51Three Phase Equilibria in Ternary Systems - IIPDF unavailable
52Solidification Behaviour of Ternary Alloy PDF unavailable
53Three Phase EquilibriaPDF unavailable
54Ternary Four Phase Equilibria - IPDF unavailable
55Ternary Four Phase Equilibria - IIPDF unavailable
56Solidification Behaviour of Ternary Eutectic AlloysPDF unavailable
57Phase Diagram of Ternary Eutectic with Terminal Solid SolutionPDF unavailable
58Ternary Peritectic ReactionPDF unavailable
59Quasi-peritectic ReactionPDF unavailable
60Case Studies on Ternary Phase Diagrams-IPDF unavailable
61Case Studies on Ternary Phase Diagrams-IIPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available