Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Structure and properties of materialsAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 1 WITH SOLUTION609 kb
Elasticity Isotropic elasticity of materials; Anisotropic elasticityAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 2 WITH SOLUTION131 kb
Continuum Plasticity-IAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 3 WITH SOLUTION75 kb
Continuum Plasticity-IIAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 4 WITH SOLUTION77 kb
Crystal Plasticity-IAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 5 WITH SOLUTION66 kb
Crystal Plasticity-IIAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 6 WITH SOLUTION60 kb
Hardening Mechanisms in MetalsAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 7 WITH SOLUTION85 kb
Multi-Scale Approach to Materials ModellingAssignment & SolutionASSIGNMENT 8 WITH SOLUTION24 kb