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1Lec 1: Relationship of Thermodynamics with Heat transferDownloadPDF unavailable
2Lec 2: Modes of heat transferDownloadPDF unavailable
3Lec 3:Fourier's law & thermal conductivityDownloadPDF unavailable
4Lec 4: Generalized heat diffusion equationDownloadPDF unavailable
5Lec 5: Heat diffusion equation in curvilinear coordinatesDownloadPDF unavailable
6Lec 6: Concept of thermal resistanceDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lec 7: Use of network of resistances in wall & cylinderDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lec 8: Critical thickness of insulationDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lec 9: Conduction with energy generation - IDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lec 10: Conduction with energy generation - IIDownloadPDF unavailable
11Lec 11: General Heat Transfer AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lec 12: Fins with uniform cross-section area IDownloadPDF unavailable
13Lec 13: Fins with uniform cross-section area IIDownloadPDF unavailable
14Lec 14: Fins with non-uniform cross-section areaDownloadPDF unavailable
15Lec 15: Method of Separation of VariablesDownloadPDF unavailable
16Lec 16: Graphical approachDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lec 17: Method of SuperpositionDownloadPDF unavailable
18Lec 18: Lumped capacitance approach-IDownloadPDF unavailable
19Lec 19: Lumped capacitance approach-IIDownloadPDF unavailable
20Lec 20: Semi-infinite SolidDownloadPDF unavailable
21Lec 21: Steady Heat ConductionDownloadPDF unavailable
22Lec 22: Unsteady Heat ConductionDownloadPDF unavailable
23Lec 23: Problem solving using Energy Balance MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
24Lec 24: Introduction to radiative heat fluxesDownloadPDF unavailable
25Lec 25: Spectral & directional definitionsDownloadPDF unavailable
26Lec 26: Blackbody radiationDownloadPDF unavailable
27Lec 27: EmissivityDownloadPDF unavailable
28Lec 28: Irradiation of real surfacesDownloadPDF unavailable
29Lec 29: View factorDownloadPDF unavailable
30Lec 30: Blackbody radiation exchangeDownloadPDF unavailable
31Lec 31: Radiation networksDownloadPDF unavailable
32Lec 32: Gas radiationDownloadPDF unavailable
33Lec 33: Radiative Transfer EquationDownloadPDF unavailable