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1Introduction to Theory and Practics of CastingPDF unavailable
2Theory of Solidification: Cooling curvesPDF unavailable
3Solidification of pure metals and alloys PDF unavailable
4Factors affecting solidification processPDF unavailable
5Fluidity of liquid metalsPDF unavailable
6Technology of patternmaking: Pattern materialsPDF unavailable
7Patternmaking: Types of pattern & allowances PDF unavailable
8Molding sand ingredients and sand testing methodsPDF unavailable
9Sand molding methodsPDF unavailable
10Coremaking: Properties and types of cores PDF unavailable
11Gating system design: Types of gates PDF unavailable
12Gating system design: Pouring time calculation PDF unavailable
13Introduction to riser design PDF unavailable
14Risering methodsPDF unavailable
15 Problem solving on gating design and risering methods PDF unavailable
16Theory of melting: Types of furnaces PDF unavailable
17Melting and production of Iron castings PDF unavailable
18Production of steel and non-ferrous castings PDF unavailable
19Casting design considerationsPDF unavailable
20Casting defects: Types, causes and remedies PDF unavailable
21Concept of stress and strain, Elastic and plastic behavior PDF unavailable
22State of stress in two and three dimensions, Mohr’s circle PDF unavailable
23Description of strain at a pointPDF unavailable
24Mean and deviator stresses, Elastic stress strain relationships PDF unavailable
25Theory of plasticity: True stress and true strain, Flow curve PDF unavailable
26Yield criteria for ductile materials PDF unavailable
27Flow rules, Plastic stress strain relationshipsPDF unavailable
28Classification of metal working processes PDF unavailable
29Mechanics of metal workingPDF unavailable
30Temperature in metalworking: Hot and cold working PDF unavailable
31Rolling process: Classification, Hot and cold rolling PDF unavailable
32Analysis of rolling operation: Forces and geometrical relationships PDF unavailable
33Introduction to forging Process: Classification and equipments PDF unavailable
34Analysis of forging process PDF unavailable
35Problem solving on rolling and forging processesPDF unavailable
36Extrusion process: Classification and analysis PDF unavailable
37Drawing of rods, tubes and wires PDF unavailable
38Analysis of drawing operation PDF unavailable
39Sheet metal operations PDF unavailable
40Metal Forming Defects PDF unavailable
41Classification of joining processes PDF unavailable
42Heat flow in welding PDF unavailable
43Metallurgy of fusion weldsPDF unavailable
44Heat affected zone in welding PDF unavailable
45Heat treatment processes in weldingPDF unavailable
46Principle of shield arc welding processesPDF unavailable
47Principle of gas shield arc welding processes PDF unavailable
48Principle of Resistance welding PDF unavailable
49Principle of Solid State Welding ProcessesPDF unavailable
50Brazing, soldering and adhesive bonding PDF unavailable
51Residual stresses in weldingPDF unavailable
52 Methods of controlling residual stresses in weldingPDF unavailable
53Welding DistortionPDF unavailable
54Control of welding distortion PDF unavailable
55Preheat and postweld heat treatment of weldmentsPDF unavailable
56Weldability of metalsPDF unavailable
57Weldability of steelsPDF unavailable
58Weldability of cast ironPDF unavailable
59Weldability of non-ferrous materialsPDF unavailable
60Welding defectsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available