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Unit-1Solution for assignment 1Solution for assignment 1236 kb
Unit-1Assignment 1Assignment 120 kb
Unit-2Solution for assignment 2Solution for assignment 2225 kb
Unit-2Assignment 2Assignment 2288 kb
Unit-3Solution of Assignment 3Solution of Assignment 322 kb
Unit-3Assignment 3Assignment 321 kb
Unit-4Solution of Assignment 4Solution of Assignment 4251 kb
Unit-4Assignment 4Assignment 4129 kb
Unit-5solution of assignment 5solution of assignment 5323 kb
Unit-5Assignment 5Assignment 5126 kb
Unit-6Assignment 6Assignment 6156 kb
Unit-6Solution of Assignment 6Solution of Assignment 6109 kb
Unit-7Assignment 7Assignment 7155 kb
Unit-7Solution of Assignment 7Solution of Assignment 799 kb
Unit-8Solution of assignment 8Solution of assignment 899 kb
Unit-8Assignment 8Assignment 8156 kb

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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Introduction to Casting TechnologyDownload
2Mechanism of solidificationDownload
3Solidification of Pure Metals and AlloysDownload
4Freeze Wave Mechanism and Solidification TimeDownload
5Problem Solving on SolidificationDownload
6Technology of pattern making Download
7Allowances in pattern makingDownload
8Moulding sands and its ingredientsDownload
9Testing of molding sandsDownload
10Sand preparation for castingDownload
11Technology of mould makingDownload
12Technology of core making Download
13Special sand moulding processDownload
14Organic bindersDownload
15Special moulding process Download
16Introduction of gating designDownload
17Types of gate Download
18Pouring time calculation Download
19Aspiration effects in gating systemDownload
20Problem solving on gating designDownload
21Solidification analysisDownload
22Risering methodsDownload
23Shape factorDownload
24Feeding & Chills effectDownload
25Problem related to riser designDownload
26Special casting process1Download
27Special casting process 2Download
28Special casting process 3Download
29Technology of melting Download
30Melting practices Download
31 Melting & Casting of cast metal Download
32Melting practice for gray ironDownload
33Melting practice for Malleable iron & S.G ironDownload
34Casting of steel & alloy steelDownload
35Casting practices for non-ferrous metals & alloys Download
36Fettling of castingsDownload
37Heat treatment of castings Download
38Heat treatment practices for cast iron & non-ferrous metals & alloysDownload
39Casting defectsDownload
40Diagnostics of casting defectsDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to Casting TechnologyPDF unavailable
2Mechanism of solidificationPDF unavailable
3Solidification of Pure Metals and AlloysPDF unavailable
4Freeze Wave Mechanism and Solidification TimePDF unavailable
5Problem Solving on SolidificationPDF unavailable
6Technology of pattern making PDF unavailable
7Allowances in pattern makingPDF unavailable
8Moulding sands and its ingredientsPDF unavailable
9Testing of molding sandsPDF unavailable
10Sand preparation for castingPDF unavailable
11Technology of mould makingPDF unavailable
12Technology of core making PDF unavailable
13Special sand moulding processPDF unavailable
14Organic bindersPDF unavailable
15Special moulding process PDF unavailable
16Introduction of gating designPDF unavailable
17Types of gate PDF unavailable
18Pouring time calculation PDF unavailable
19Aspiration effects in gating systemPDF unavailable
20Problem solving on gating designPDF unavailable
21Solidification analysisPDF unavailable
22Risering methodsPDF unavailable
23Shape factorPDF unavailable
24Feeding & Chills effectPDF unavailable
25Problem related to riser designPDF unavailable
26Special casting process1PDF unavailable
27Special casting process 2PDF unavailable
28Special casting process 3PDF unavailable
29Technology of melting PDF unavailable
30Melting practices PDF unavailable
31 Melting & Casting of cast metal PDF unavailable
32Melting practice for gray ironPDF unavailable
33Melting practice for Malleable iron & S.G ironPDF unavailable
34Casting of steel & alloy steelPDF unavailable
35Casting practices for non-ferrous metals & alloys PDF unavailable
36Fettling of castingsPDF unavailable
37Heat treatment of castings PDF unavailable
38Heat treatment practices for cast iron & non-ferrous metals & alloysPDF unavailable
39Casting defectsPDF unavailable
40Diagnostics of casting defectsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available