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1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Overview of different casting processes-1PDF unavailable
3Overview of different casting processes-2PDF unavailable
4Overview of different casting processes-3PDF unavailable
5Terminology & Tools of Sand Moulding PDF unavailable
6Moulding Sands and Design-1PDF unavailable
7Moulding Sands and Design-2PDF unavailable
8Moulding Sands Properties PDF unavailable
9Moulding Sand Properties TestingPDF unavailable
10Cores & Core SandsPDF unavailable
11Patterns and AllowancesPDF unavailable
12Steps Involved in Making a Sand Casting PDF unavailable
13Design of Risering System-1PDF unavailable
14Design of Risering System-2PDF unavailable
15Design of Risering System-3PDF unavailable
16Design of Risering System-4PDF unavailable
17Design of Risering System-5PDF unavailable
18Design of Gating System-1PDF unavailable
19Design of Gating System-2PDF unavailable
20Sand Casting Defects-1PDF unavailable
21Sand Casting Defects-2PDF unavailable
22Melting Furnaces and Practice PDF unavailable
23Treatment of Molten Metal PDF unavailable
24Fluidity of Molten MetalPDF unavailable
25Solidification PDF unavailable
26Cast Irons and SteelsPDF unavailable
27Aluminum and Magnesium Cast Alloys PDF unavailable
28Copper, Zinc and Titanium Cast AlloysPDF unavailable
29Die Casting Process-IPDF unavailable
30Die Casting Process-IIPDF unavailable
31Investment Casting Process-IPDF unavailable
32Investment Casting Process-IIPDF unavailable
33Continuous Casting ProcessPDF unavailable
34Centrifugal Casting Process PDF unavailable
35Evaporative Pattern Casting and Plaster Moulding PDF unavailable
36Vacuum Sealed Moulding and Squeeze Casting PDF unavailable
37Shakeout, Fettling and Finishing PDF unavailable
38Inspection, Testing and Quality Control PDF unavailable
39Design Consideration and Economics PDF unavailable
40Environment, Health and Safety Aspects PDF unavailable

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